German software behemoth takes Britain’s Metismo in mobile move

Artist Interpretation of GPS satellite, image ...

New apps include GPS capabilities

New mobile BPM platform to expand apps into GPS, video, audio and mobile office

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ Berlin-based Software AG has just acquired the British company Metismo Ltd,  a firm which sells mobile apps.

According to the company, Metismo’s expertise lies in mobile devices such as GPS, audio and video can be integrated into organisational business applications.

Software AG stated that the integration will lead to the ‘total mobile office’,

Metismo was incorporated in July 2007 and has its headquarters in Hampshire in the South of England. The company’s write once – run anywhere software platform for the development of mobile  applications converts Java source code to native source code for different mobile devices. Business applications are generated easily that run on all common mobile operating systems, the firm added.

Apparently, Metismo’s technology is actually already being used in ‘millions’ of units sold via Apple AppStore’, the company claims, as well as in Nokia Ovi, BlackBerry App World and other mobile operator portals, the company claims.

“This is a key technology in enabling the fully Digital Enterprise” opined Software CTO, Wolfram Jost. “This transformation to the Digital Enterprise will be the major business challenge of the next decade. Companies have to react to rapidly changing markets and new market entrants. It is through real-time business information, management and control, from anywhere that they will be able to react fast enough to gain real competitive advantage.”

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