WEEKEND PLUS: Germans go kloud kontent krazy

Bundesschild Deutschland

Donner und Blitzen! Germans going Kloud Kontent Krazy!

Germans go cloud-based content management for mobile applications in CMS blitz

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ Looks like the Germans are about to go kompletely knuts over kloud kontent management these days.

According to the Germanic corporation, dubbed ‘StorageRoom’ is a new cloud-based CMS that serves content which is, they claim, a mobile applications on multiple platforms.

The Teutonic technogeeks also say that it has been created by sexperienced iOS developers and helps agencies and developers to build better zapplications. StorageRoom is a cloud-based CMS that serves content to mobile applications on multiple platforms. Native mobile applications require content in raw formats such as XML or JSON, while current content management systems focus on taking content and serving it as unstructured HTML – and offer no or only bad APIs the Germans futher joshed.

“Content is hard to include and manage” opined Thriventures founder Sascha Konietzke. “Existing CMS are unsuited for mobile apps and require you to host and maintain your own server. So exchanging spreadsheets or quickly hacked unreliable web-services were the norm, and a major pain while developing.”

Apparently, developers of StorageRoom can now configure required content types by choosing multifarious column types, input options and validation rules. Conent editors can further manage the content in a web-based interface and developers can also then query the RESTful API from their mobile applications.

Content can also be exported from StorageRoom and distributed with the application itself for offline access and seamless synchronization – all cloud-based.

The German company stated that it expected to see creative usages of StorageRoom outside of the mobile world as well. “Due to its flexibility it is equally suited for desktop apps or games on different platforms. You could even use it for JavaScript widgets with JSON-P.” added Konietzke.

The service can be found on http://storageroomapp.com.

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