Video content delivery bursts forth for cloud and mobile

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Going mobile - options for video content delivery

Video distribution to cloud and mobile delivery sees debut for Virtual Delivery Node platform

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ BurstPoint Networks has just unveiled its latest extramural cloud-centric service which it said can extend the content management and distribution paradigm via its novel ‘Video Communication Platform’ or VCP, to what it calls ‘beyond on-premise networks to cloud-based environments’.

According to the Massachusetts firm, the VCP Virtual Delivery Node also proffers a gateway appliance to the cloud service and uses a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to deliver on-demand video content to end-users.

BurstPoint said its offering of the new CDN services would be handled through a new partnership with content delivery firm Highlands.

Contemporaneously with the extramural video content offerings, BurstPoint stated that it would also launch an on- and off-premise support for mobile device via the standard VCP Delivery Node and the VCP Virtual Delivery Node, offering corporations the capability to now stream MP4 video to mobile devices, including smartphones and other tablets.

BurstPoint said VCP customers could can expand such capabilities to use video for remote and mobile purposes, through a single platform.

The VCP Virtual Delivery Node also includes ‘Video as a Service’, offering video as a managed service.

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