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Hatch: new plans for student collaboration

TeachSmart 2.0 learning system helps teachers’ educational tech improve student learning

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ Teachers can now harnessing the full power of interactive whiteboard technology with a new TeachSmart 2.0 Learning System by Hatch.

According to the company, it is the only interactive whiteboard solution proven by research to improve maths and literacy in early education now enhanced with content management features that help teachers use educational technology more effectively.

“Multiple ‘Teacher Features’ complete this comprehensive content solution for interactive whiteboards. TeachSmart provides teachers with the tools they need to make the best use of educational technology” commented Hatch President Ginny Norton. “The system includes more than 1,100 research-based activities, multiple professional development resources and a new way for teachers to easily create, categorize and manage interactive whiteboard content.”

“We listened to teachers’ requests for additional methods to meet the changing needs of their children,” said Susan Gunnewig, product development director. “Multiple ‘Teacher Features’ complete this comprehensive content solution for interactive whiteboards.”

As for search and navigation, with the advanced keyword search tool, teachers and children easily navigate activities by theme and subject or identify the national core standards fulfilled by each activity. Content is clearly organized to enable more efficient use of the technology.

For lesson planning, teachers can individualize instruction by scheduling activities in advance for groups or individuals.
For individual Student Portfolios, each child’s actual work samples including recorded stories, drawings and activities are stored in digital portfolios. Teachers and parents can follow each child’s progress through increasing skill levels, aiding in assessment.

Teachers can customize the system by integrating activities they have created or downloaded from the Internet. All content can be categorized to meet their needs. The upgraded solution provides teachers with access to research studies, national standards, training videos and an extensive help section.

Hatch said TeachSmart 2.0 will be available in August 2011.

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