Document management helps detect jobsworth jiggery-pokery

NAMM 2007 - Mr Jobsworth.

The Enemy Within? Public sector jobsworth internal fraud increasing. (Image by Eleventh Earl of Mar via Flickr)

Preventing rising public sector employee ‘jobsworth’ fraud tackled by document management, says document management vendor Version One

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ Reported cases of internal fraud are increasing following spending review cuts, according to dcument magement software vendor Version One.

The company said it was now urging public sector departments, agencies and quangos to invest in its electronic document imaging and cheque printing software, to combat rising levels of so-called ‘jobsworth terrorists’ or ‘jobsworth-jacking’ – public sector employee fraudsters.

A recent survey by PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC), which polled 110 senior representatives of government and state-owned enterprises, revealed that the number of public sector jobsworth departments impacted by internal fraud had now shot up from 52 percent to 60 percent over the last twelve months alone.

Apparently, PwCs’s survey also noted that, for the first time, internal fraud had actually now overtaken external theft as the single largest economic crime in the entire public sector taxpayer-funded ‘jobsworth’ sector.

According to the survey, Internal jobsworth fraudsters are responsible for 53 percent of detected economic crime, up from 39 percent from the previous survey done in 2009.

“PwC’s research suggests a worrying trend in reported cases of fraud which could well increase as more employees seek a quick fix to their financial worries” said Julian Buck, managing director of Version One. “To prevent this escalating risk from becoming a major issue, it’s essential that organisations have effective document retention policies and document management systems in place to frustrate potential fraudsters.”

Added Buck: “It is always going to be a challenge to prevent an unscrupulous employee from committing fraud act if they have their mind set on it. However, organisations can implement measures and systems to help protect themselves from acts of fraud.”

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