Private cloud costs coming down

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Memset goes for the private parts of the cloud

Memset takes wraps off private cloud at same price as public cloud

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ Virtual machine cloud provider Memset is offering a new private cloud service for the same price as their public cloud service.

According to the company, private clouds are typically more costly than the public cloud, due to the cloud infrastructure being operated solely for an organisation’s own use.

Memset said that such an approach to offer an IaaS cloud where the infrastructure – the servers, and optionally the network – is dedicated to one client, such that their virtual machines are not on their own hardware.

Memset said they were able to offer private clouds at a lower cost than others, as they use a combination of open source technologies, such as Xen hypervisor, combined with bespoke software developed over the last eight years to fully manage and integrate their entire infrastructure.

Memset added that it has now integrated provisioning tools that enable users to configure each virtual machine in as much detail as needed.

The new private cloud service is UK-based, enabling companies to avoid offshore data and procedures for data migration.
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