Sonic taps MetricStream for GRC and SOX

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Fortune 500 auto retailer goes for governance, risk and compliance solution
By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ Enterprise governance, risk and compliance specialist MetricStream has announced a new deal with Sonic Automotive for a new Internal Audit Management and Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOx) Compliance system.

According to the GRC provider, the new system will be used to automate and centralise its internal audit system and processes.

MetricStream said that its Internal Audit Management software is supported by its  GRC platform which provides enhanced workflow, reporting, documentation and tracking capabilities.

Gaurav Kapoor, Chief Operating Officer for MetricStream commented:  “MetricStream Internal Audit Management Solution addresses the complete range of challenges in the internal audit area including assured SOx compliance and provides automation, integration and central repository capability to help Sonic Automotive efficiently manage their entire internal audit piece.”

MetricStream added that its Sarbox compliance module would be used to design, assess and improve internal controls under the COSO framework, as well as monitoring SOx compliance processes and provide evidence to external auditors that internal controls are tested to the satisfaction of the internal audit team.

The company said its Sarbox modulke quantifies and consolidates the results on an integrated platform where auditors can also search for previous audit results and work offline using the MetricStream Briefcase option.

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