Hoolie as Irish web content management surrounds in 7.1


7.1 surrounds Web Content Management in new Site Manager

TERMINALFOUR boost automated migration with latest release of WCM software


ECM Plus +++ Dublin-based web content management bellwether TerminalFour has just taken the wraps off its next version of Site Manager.

According to the Irish softwar firm, Site Manager 7.1 now boasts major overhauls to its automated migration capabilities and importation tools.

TerminalFour said that V7.1 is a reaction to increasing market demand for an easier and more straightforward migration path from competitor WCM systems.

The new release includes major developments to its automated migration and importation features, including migration paths for Reddot, Percussion, Interwoven, Vignette,  Serena Collage and SunGard LCMS. For other systems, the latest version has been equipped to handle raw migration including the ability to import directly from raw HTML and XHTML and CMS databases.

Site Manager 7.1 also sports a new reporting functionality which integrates reporting tools and displays them on the dashboard. It also enables webmasters to configure the dashboard to integrate with a host of third party reporting and analytic systems.

V7.1 also offers support and functionality to  developers with enhancements to our API. There have also been significant improvements to the internal search engine delivering a more powerful and effective search experience.

The advanced capabilities in Site Manager 7.1 allow organisations to repurpose content for websites and mobile delivery in one easy operation, with a new sample Mobile site installed with the application as standard. This includes delivery to mobile sites and Apps which ultimately adds to the  ease-of-use and cost saving benefits of the system.

Piero Tintori, CEO for TerminalFour commented: “There is great disparity between web content management products in the marketplace today. Some vendors are blazing a trail with extremely modern, technically advanced and heavily funded solutions while others have failed to continue to invest in R&D. There are many organisations out there that feel locked into their existing WCM systems. They are missing out on the opportunities to capitalise on the latest WCM functionality all because of the perceived complexities of migrating”.

“However, we’re definitely seeing a greater willingness to move from incumbent providers with nearly 50% of our new projects being migrations from other systems. In fact, our migration team has successfully completed more than thirty migration projects for new clients in the past year”, Tintori concluded.

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