Fourth amendment adds encryption protection for PDFs

Introducing Scroogle

WebSearch claims to be easier to use than other search engines. Image: Edgeworks Ltd.

New search and retrieval capabilities for encrypted PDF documents

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus
+++ New protection capabilities in the latest WebSearch v 4.0 component of DocuLex’s Archive Studio Content Management Suite can now search documents and retrieve content in real-time with password-protected PDF files.

According to Doculex, WebSearch now accepts and manages encrypted PDF files, especially valuable for transferring and delivering files via email or other unsecure routes, such as FTP.

Doculex said that many organizations are still transferring content that is highly-confidential, such as social security numbers, forms or payments and privileged patient medical data, unencrypted.

WebSearch V4 is the document management component of Archive Studio. WebSearch may be used as a service in the cloud or acquired as an on-premise server-based solution. V4 offers a secure, browser-based document management software that enhances internal and external collaboration, business process workflow, email archiving, corporate compliance and records retention management scheduling. The program was developed for use throughout a business’s operations to regulate and streamline the flow of documentation and secure content access from any location, anytime.

The WebSearch user interface is similar, yet easier to use, than internet search engines, such as Scroogle, StartPage, IXQuick and others.

Searches are performed by entering specific index field (meta data), full text content or date ranges, search history, search lists and saved searches.

David Bailey, President of Doculex commented: “We were challenged by existing and new customers to provide something that could help them manage all PDF files, not just the ones that weren’t encrypted. Since email is becoming a primary transport method of files between organizations, and the fact that email transmission is not secure, the ability to encrypt those files that contain sensitive data is becoming more and more imperative. We find there are many applications out there that require protection for their files, so it made sense to create something that could effectively manage this sort of protected file in a business environment. With this added capability to the WebSearch component of our Archive Studio Software Suite, we provide the user an all-encompassing product that will address any PDF document and allow the system to securely and automatically handle this document per the user’s specifications.”

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