‘Let’s Rocket’ as id7 hunts Dell partners in SAN surge

Image representing Dell as depicted in CrunchBase
Intelligent interconnect for Dell SANs

id7 markets VS-fusion bootable software stack to Dell Partners:


ECM Plus +++ Manchester-based interconnecting storage specialist id7 has launched a new targeting of their VS-fusion bootable software stack to Dell’s British partner network.

Dell partners are being sought by id7 to take to market their VS-fusion software stack which converts a Dell server into an ultra high performance storage appliance. Tests on a PowerEdge Dell R610 server, coupled with id7’s bootable VS-fusion software, show transformation of existing EqualLogic array into a rocket storage solution.

According to the company, the ‘Let’s Rocket’ campaign runs throughout 2011 and will inform Dell resellers how they can achieve IOPS performance within virtualised environments at lower costs, accelerate Equallogic and other HDD-based arrays to SSD level performance with VS-fusion caching, and offer fibre-based, Dell-based solutions with existing SANs – enabling EqualLogic iSCSI to be connected via 8Gb fibre.

id7 said the initiative would also deliver up to ½ million IOPS and more than 3 GB/sec with off-the-shelf Dell hardware, as well as performance boosts of over 500,000 IOPS and greater than 2,500 MB/sec sustained performance by transforming a Dell server into a SAN accelerator appliance.

The company’s offering also provides for secure high availability with a dual node option to eliminate single point of failure. The combination of a Dell server and the VS-fusion delivers an ultra-high performance solid state shared storage device and front-end caching appliance that enables Fusion-io and SSD technology to be shared right across the SAN.

Neil Munday, Head of Sales and Marketing for id7 said: “For end users, it’s all about performance gains in their virtual infrastructure without the significant storage outlay. For our resellers and new partners, it’s about securing and enhancing the entire virtualised environment whilst gaining valuable margins and elevating presence within an account. The performance benefits gained will allow existing arrays and comprising slow high capacity SATA or fibre drive SAN storage to be reutilised and accelerated to SSD level performance, without the off-putting SSD price tag.”

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