NNDB gets corporate board content all mapped out

magnifying glass showing aberration

NNDB Mapper helps put connections under scrutiny

New update for content at NNDB corporate board mapping

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ Look out LinkedIn. NNDB has updated its free \NNDB Mapper search engine, the visual tool that explores the connections and linkages between people.

According to NNDB, the NNDB Mapper now navigates biographical data collected in NNDB now topping more than 32,000 individuals, with coverage linking the worlds of business, politics, science and culture.

NNDB said its Mapper search tool is also a creative instrument, helping to “tell a story” about the world through the people in it. Billionaire board members, political bankrollers, Hollywood scandal sex charts and more are all now able to be created, free and on-the-fly.

Users can start using the free search tool here:-


The NNDB Mapper is free to use, and enables users to save maps for publishing and sharing. Each saved map is given its own web page and its own unique URL, making it easy to share maps with others. The application was developed with Adobe Flash technology and requires Flash Player 7 or higher to run.

NNDB has been quietly operating in public beta since 2003, serving hundreds of thousands of visitors from around the world at http://www.nndb.com. NNDB contains biographical profiles of 32,000 individuals with over 250,000 connections between them. For more information, visit http://mapper.nndb.com


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