German giant gobbles BPM minnow

Robert Bosch GmbH

Business process software gets the Teutonic touch

Bosch plans acquisition of inubit AG

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ German indusstrial giant Robert Bosch Group AG has acquired inubit AG, the small software firm specialising in business process management.

According to the company, its 100 associates generated sales of around 10 million euros.

However, the two companies said that the actual purchase price of inubit will not be disclosed.

Apparentloy, the transaction is subject to approval by the antitrust authorities.

inubit offers process solutions for companies in the utilities, insurance, automotive and logistics, and telecommunications industries, as well as in the healthcare market. In the future, inubit will not only develop its own products and solutions for business customers, but also provide vital basic components for creating systems and service platforms on what is known as the internet of things and services. This term refers to the next generation of the internet, in which more and more devices and systems will be capable of sending and receiving data automatically via the internet. This will give rise to completely new services, which will change people’s everyday lives.

“With its recognized solutions and process competence in many industries, inubut AG will play an important part in expanding Bosch’s activities on the internet of things and services,” said Dr. Heinz Derenbach, the president of Bosch Software Innovations GmbH. The ability to flexibly provide business processes in enterprise solutions and on internet platforms made inubit very valuable for the Bosch Group, he said. In conjunction with Bosch Software Innovations’ market-leading business rules management, Derenbach went on, Bosch could draw on a comprehensive technology portfolio with which to offer networked application solutions in companies and on internet platforms. This applied especially to areas of future business growth, such as smart mobility, smart grids, and telehealth. With its industry solutions, the Berlin company was a valuable addition to the Enterprise Solutions business area, he added.

“In selling to Bosch, our company is continuing its strategic development as planned,” said Dr. Torsten Schmale, the chairman of the board of management of inubit AG. He continued: “With Bosch as a new owner, we are well equipped for the future. Together, we can meaningfully expand our activities in the area of sophisticated enterprise solutions and successfully continue our international growth course.”

Headquartered in the German cities of Waiblingen and Immenstaad, Bosch Software Innovations offers end-to-end solutions for the finance industry and the internet of things and services. The Bosch subsidiary has further development and sales locations in Singapore and Chicago. It also has a variety of service offerings. The subsidiary employs a global workforce of roughly 340 associates.

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