COMMENT: When will accountability be front and centre?

Scales Of Justice

Accountability: Systemic flaws need real independent oversight. Image: srqpix

Shameful News Corp. fiasco plumbs depths of disgusting depravity of institutions


ECM Plus +++ As the News Corp woes further unfold, it starts to call into question the whole systemic root of generic institutional accountability where conflict of interests issues are no longer allowed to be smokescreens to stop accountability and compliance being overhauled and independently monitored – true segregation of duties in governance terminology.

From phone hacking to the focus on who knew what when, the misuse of data, the phone systems hacking capability has yet to be investigated or acknowledged sufficiently to find out quite how it could have happened in the first place.

If these compromised systems had not be hackable – or able to be compromised before red flags were hoisted inside telcos, then the whole issue might never have been capable of happening.

The fact that private content has been hacked unlawfully by established institutions and corporations, makes the whole caper that much more disgusting in a modern age. The fact that no one appears to be accountable, justice cannot be done nor seen to be done whilst systemic fractured processes remain in place.

The whole sorry saga is no consolation, of course, for the poor innocent victims of such systemic breaches, so in order to learn lessons from all this ongoing chaos, the law must take its course and leave no stone unturned until all the perpetrators get brought before the courts and answer to their peers.



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