REVIEWS: Software – Diskeeper Professional 11

disk defragmentation program
Defragging: esssential digital content maintenance

As storage and content volumes surge, the need to manage content and keep it in tip-top condition from a search and retrieval perspective rises commensurately.


Consequently, disk drive performance becomes vital to enterprise and workflow productivity. Enter then the disk defragementation software tools, that help to tidy up the big mess that normal day-to-day use engenders.

One such recent arrival on the scene is Diskeeper 11 Professional, and update in a long-running series of established apps to do just that.

Despite the fact that operating systems these days routinely tend to come bundled with some functional basic defrag app, the fact is that they tend to be fairly simplistic and apparently, not able or equipped to do all of the IT housework that users might expect.

Diskeeper’s eleventh outing is a easy-to-use standalone app that not only defrags on demand, but also has settings to defrag in the background whilst users get on with their core business work – hence making full use of the processor power during idle time – a nice feature.

We ran Diskeeper after having run Auslogic’s freeware Disk Defragment app, and despite the fact the SATA drives had been optimised, the Diskeeper 11 app still managed to reorder the files and data on each of the drives to make them even better organised than before.

Installation was a breeze, with the programme running automatically on setup. Where users have multiple drives, the window opens one on top of another, which threw us initially as it wasn’t immediately clear whether the process had started or not, but once this was apparent, the windows could be spaced apart. The progress indicator was also somewhat obscure at first, and instead of having a standard progress bar in the centre of the screen, the Status Bar in the bottom of each drive window shows the percentage of data defragged thus far, and indicates ‘Done’ when complete.

A full set of two terabyte drives and a gigabyte drive took about 15 minutes to complete with no other activities being attempted in the foreground. That said, we had already run Auslogic’s app the previous session, so one would expect Diskeeper to take upwards of an hour or two to complete a full defrag on an unoptimised drive.

For an activity that is ostensibly tedious, using Diskeeper was painless and the speed of bootup seemed to be a tad faster, but this always depends on what other apps get loaded automatically on startup.

Worth a try, despite the fact that there are other freeware defrag apps out there, Diskeeper seems to offer something more and has been designed for both small businesses and enterprise drive users alike.


Cons: Drive window layout confusing at first, aesthetic but confusing to new users.
Pros: Fast, does good defrag job over competition.

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One response to “REVIEWS: Software – Diskeeper Professional 11

  1. Bobby

    I’ve always liked Diskeeper! Great software

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