Egnyte’s online cloud storage goes Dutch

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Online storage at British firms seeking resilience

Safe File Sharing launched as British businesses deal with data deluge

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ Cloud file specialist Egnyte has just opened its doors at a new Cloud File Server data centre in Amsterdam in the Netherlands, which, it says, will enable it to meet strong demand from British firms looking for secure file sharing and storage.

Egnyte said that small and medium-sized companies now contribute nearly half of money spent on the cloud in Britain and cite remote storage as their biggest reason for using the cloud.

According to the company, the need for cloud storage stems in part from the exponential growth of mobile use in Britain, where web traffic from mobile devices catapulted 4,000 percent between September 2009 and January 2011.

Thirty-seven percent of SMEs in Britain said they planned to increase their use of mobile technology in 2011 with monthly data usage on smartphones up 89 percent this year over last year.

“UK businesses are demanding simple, secure file sharing that lets them maintain the speed and bandwidth they need to address customer needs. They want mobile access for employees and file sharing with business partners that is easy to adopt, yet enforces business policies” commented Vineet Jain, CEO of Egnyte. “As a result, Egnyte is seeing triple digit growth in our UK customer base, driven by explosive growth in the use of tablets and smartphones.”

Egnyte said it frees up SMEs from the overhead and inconvenience of VPN, with similar levels of security. SMEs, it claimed, can save money by avoiding additional infrastructure investment and protecting against potentially expensive security problems, sharing files through links and attachments.

With the Egnyte Cloud File Server, administrators retain complete control of who accesses their company’s data and when. Communications remain transparent, enabling businesses to share files safely. Customer data stays protected and businesses can focus on keeping their own clients satisfied, without battling file size limitations, slow communications or security problems. SMEs add the Egnyte Local Cloud, which uses hybrid cloud technology, to maximize performance and availability.

“Our customers must provide an easy solution for employees to access and share files with mobile devices, or risk having them use a consumer-grade tool with inadequate security features” commented Nick Billington, head of SMB at the 848 Group, a UK independent cloud consultancy. “Egnyte provides instant infrastructure in a simple and safe solution.”

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