Web content firm releases Ektron V8.5

Expo pavilion - ektron booth

Ektron takes wraps off V8.5. Image: Alex Dunne

New web content management platform offers range of new features

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ Ektron has just launched a new web content management software app. Version 8.5 claims to offer new developer productivity and enterprise scalability.

Bill Rogers, CEO for the company said: “8.5 sets the standard for enterprise scalability with key new components including a 3-tier architecture and new search platform.” 

V8.5 also includes a redesign of the Workarea interface for a modern, intuitive user experience. Expanded developer API: The Ektron Framework API radically improves developer productivity through a highly consistent and discoverable set of functions and methods. When combined with new support for Microsoft LINQ, developers can now design websites with a fraction of the code it took to accomplish the same work in the past. Three-tier architecture: Ektron is the first enterprise .NET web content management vendor to deliver a 3-tier architecture. In a Three-tier configuration, no Ektron software exists in the web tier, meaning CIOs and IT architects looking for maximum scalability, reliability, and security can now deploy Ektron in a manner consistent with enterprise software deployments. .NET 4.0 support:

V8.5 supports .NET 4.0, including support for Microsoft® Visual Studio® Web Application projects. Enhanced search capabilities: Now based on the Microsoft Search Server, Ektron Site Search brings new features including faceted navigation, dynamic search relevancy tuning, federated search, automated query suggestions, search analytics reports, and more. Ektron Site Search offers massive scalability, scaling to tens of millions of items and beyond, including all types of web content, Microsoft Office documents and rich media content. eSync enhancements: Ektron’s unique synchronization technology now includes a diagnostic utility to generate a real-time map of an eSync network, providing real time visibility into a server topology.

The feature-complete Release Candidate build of 8.5 is available for download now with final release targeted for September.

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