Power downtime knocks out some London Internet connectivity

Internet service provider
Image by sfllaw via Flickr

Net affected as interruption drops customers in London 

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ ISPs were informed Wednesday 27th that Redbus, a main data centre in London, had lost power and was affecting several points of access and connectivity to the Internet, and may also affect people connecting to some ISP servers.

According to reports, ISP servers not housed in Redbus were still functional, but several other Internet Service Providers, including British Telecom’s central pipe were.

Redbus Interhouse offers so-called Neutral Internet Colocation Facilities – NICFs – in Europe, managing all power, maintenance and physical security for clients. It offers services from Internet point-of-presence (PoP) to elements only, such as data storage and backup facilities. The NICF provider also has facilities in Paris, Milan, Madrid, Prague and Frankfurt as wekk as two sites in London.

The outage was reportedly brought back online later in the day, though no reasons were cited for the cause of the downtime.


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