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Kentico gives web content management marketing muscle

Kentico CMS - ECM Plus -

Beta release with integrated customer experience management

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ Web content management system vendor Kentico Software has just taken the wraps off its new beta version of Kentico CMS 6 which now boasts a new product line – Kentico Enterprise Marketing Solution. Continue reading

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REVIEWS: Scanners – Plustek SmartOffice PS286 Plus

Plustek SmartOffice PS286 Plus scannner - ECM Plus Reviews -

Even as the Internet has made online viewing and transferring of documents more commonplace, the rise and rise of document capture continues unabated.

Driven in no small part by increasing levels of compliance and red tape bureaucratic processes imposed by the burgeoning ‘jobsworth’ industry of central state ‘regulations’ and nannying ‘procedures’, a good scanner is your best friend in the home or office these days, with the need for nifty scanners for personal document capture continuing at breakneck speed. Continue reading

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Axe victim: Feds raid Gibson guitar plants in unfinished business

The Department of Justice building in Washingt...

Feds raid American guitar factories

Department of Justice bullies Gibson without filing charges

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ The Federal Department of Justice in Washington, D.C. has suggested that the use of wood from India that is not finished by Indian workers is illegal, not because of U.S. law, but because it is the Justice Department’s interpretation of a law in India. Continue reading

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BT back to the bad old days

GPO badge / logo

The Good Old Days?

Inflation-busting price hikes, your time is up now caller


ECM Plus +++ On hearing the news that British Telecom is about to nail a 5 percent price hike on its customers for calls and line rental hearkens back to the dark days of its murky GPO monopoly past.

The old state monopoly is so set in its ways that the idea of innovation and true entrepreneurship are anathema to these people. Continue reading

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Apple crumbles? Firm finisher as Big Jobs exits

Apple Newton Beschreibung: Apple Newton Messag...

Look what happened last time we saw no changes

When change comes, it’s a good idea not to have any? Huh Mr. Cook?


ECM Plus +++ That’s it. It’s over. Apple is finished.

Now that both Wozniak and Jobs are outta Apple, the firm is toast. Same thing happened when Gates exited MS and went off to solve the world’s problems with his wife.

The new broom at Apple says ‘nothing will change” like some kind of reassuring stroke of the head to investors, employees and users of their toys. Fact is, if change is over at Apple, what future then for all this ‘change management’ bullshit served up at business schools the world over? Continue reading

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WEEKEND PLUS: Jobsworths ponder putsch on small biz red tape

Edward Davey

Minister Edward Davey: "...freedom to innovate and grow..." Image - bisgovuk.

Government and FRC consider cutting financial reporting burden for small businesses

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ Proposals to simplify the financial and corporate reporting requirements for the smallest businesses are the subject of a new ‘Discussion Paper’ published by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (formerly DTI) and the Financial Reporting Council.

Dubbed ‘Simpler Reporting for Smaller Businesses’, the discussion paper sets out ideas to reduce the amount of reporting micro-entities would be required to undertake.

FRC said this could benefit around 5 million businesses and result in considerable cost savings in relation to the preparation of their accounts. Continue reading

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CADAC outs ‘killer’ live digital console

CADAC Eight digital console

Content creators swoon as CADAC launches ‘killer’ digital console for live installation applications

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ Cadac has just launching a new digital live production console, CDC Eight, the British console company’s third console design in a year. Continue reading

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FEATURE: Planning in uncertain times: 5 strategic steps to success


Budgeting. Image: RambergMediaImages


The end of August marks the end of summer vacation and the beginning of planning and budgeting season. One small problem: the economic sluggishness that was supposed to be behind us has reared its ugly head once again. With wild swings in the market, who can’t help but feel a bit skittish.

Nevertheless, you want to move your initiatives forward and you’ll undoubtedly be asked for your plan regardless of funding limitations. But how do you prioritize the list of projects that have accumulated over the last year and develop a strategy to move forward in this economic environment? Continue reading

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Flaws identified in AES encryption

Advanced Encryption Standard InfoBox Diagram

AES: Drowning or waving?

Researchers identify first flaws in the Advanced Encryption Standard


ECM Plus +++ Researchers have found a weakness in the AES algorithm.

According to cryptanalysts, they managed to come up with a clever new attack that can recover the secret key four times easier than anticipated by experts. The attack is a result of a long-term cryptanalysis project carried out by Andrey Bogdanov (K.U.Leuven, visiting Microsoft Research at the time of obtaining the results), Dmitry Khovratovich (Microsoft Research), and Christian Rechberger (ENS Paris, visiting Microsoft Research). Continue reading

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Vindicia takes digital marketing into Cashbox billing zone

Image representing Gene Hoffman as depicted in...

Vindicia CEO Gene Hoffman

Dashboarding, email integration and marketing capabilities for CashBox billing

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ Vindicia, providers of SaaS billing has launched new marketing capabilities for its CashBox SaaS billing solution. Cashbox’ new dashboard applications aim to help digital merchants identify key trends in their customer base and make better business decisions. A new integration feature provides native integration into common email systems, beginning with Responsys’ Interact Suite. Continue reading

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WEEKEND PLUS: Politics in flux as democratic process shifts online

Polling station sign, London. UK general elect...

Power shifting online as established party support crumbles

Power to the people as Internet becoming ‘mainstream’ in political campaigning


ECM Plus +++ Looks like the era of the established poltical party is drawing to a close as cyper-campaigning takes over the reins of political power.

According to new research from the University of Manchester, the internet is challenging the dominance of traditional media as a campaign tool, despite the public’s renewed attachment to TV through the 2010 British General Election’s mainstream left-right paradigm party leader ‘debates’. Continue reading

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Adobe on trial with launch of new Digital Enterprise Platform

Adobe Customer Experience Suite

Adobe Digital Enterprise Platform available with free trial for enterprise developers and architects


ECM Plus +++ Software giant Adobe has just taken the wraps off a new trial of its latest Digital Enterprise Platform and first set of solutions for Customer Experience Management. Continue reading

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BRITISH RIOTS: Insurers extend terms for businesses and claimants

The cover of the British law The Riot Act from...

Riot Act protection extended to the max

Building and content insurance scheme extended to take into account businesses and communities

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ According to reports, the Riot Act police compensation schemes will operate as normal and the insurance industry said it had promised to use its expertise to help the government and police implement the scheme.

ABI said they will be supporting the extension to the maximum of 42 days the amount of time claims can be made under the scheme.

ABI said it was revising its estimated figure of claims likely to be paid out by the insurance industry to be over £200 million. Continue reading

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TRAINING: Jobsworths’ jollies just wasting taxpayers’ money

National Audit Office (United Kingdom)

Call for independent overhaul of jobsworth training

£275 million a year ‘wasted’ on ineffectual training, is “the tip of the iceberg”

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ A new report has exposed that £275 million is being wasted on ineffectual training courses by the British Civil Service which has been described as ‘the tip of the iceberg of Britain’s culture of poorly-targeted staff development’. Continue reading

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Building and contents protected by insurance after riots

Protesters fighting police in Nørrebro, Copenhagen

Insurers: claim period to be extended

Association of British Insurers provide guidance on legal position of riot compensation

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ According to the Association on British Insurers, on current estimates insured losses and damage suffered by individuals and British businesses are likely to be well over £100 million. Continue reading

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BRITISH RIOTS: Blackberry content co-ordinates blitzkrieg strikes

BlackBerry Bold 9000 connected to T-Mobile USA...

RIM's Blackberry service under the microscope again

BREAKING NEWS: Encrypted Blackberry devices masterminding orchestrated strikes around the nation


ECM Plus +++ The ongoing riots and civil unrest escalating across Britain is being orchestrated by a sophisticated, encrypted messaging system, according to reports.

Neither Twitter nor Facebook social media networks are understood to have been used to organise the civil unrest and rioting raging across the country.

And, unlike in the Arab Spring rallies and protests around the Middle East over recent months, where Twitter in particular was cited as being a main part of the organisation of the pro-democracy movements, the British riots are using content distributed via the Messenger service on Research in Motion’s Blackberry handheld mobile communicators. Continue reading

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JOBS PLUS: Polar shift in skillsets sees brain drain from telcos, pharma to ‘functional’ finance

Crowded street

Jobs 'brain drain'

Transformation in skill sets in financial services sector – a ‘brain drain’ from telcos and Big Pharma

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ With large financial services projects dictating the need for functional programming rather than object-oriented development, there has been a shift in demand for development skill-sets around languages such as SCALA and PYTHON, according to Ed Ekins, head of the financial services technology practice at Twenty Recruitment. Continue reading

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Amazon and Microsoft outages clatter cloud integrity

Diagram showing overview of cloud computing in...

Cloud chaos in blitzkrieg strike

Catastrophic corporatist cloud outages destroying credibility of cloud as a serious business model?

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ In the wake of the dramatic outages at behemoths Amazon and Microsoft’s cloud services, industry heavyweights were quick to weigh in with their take on the ongoing data debacles.

Riccardo Degli Effetti, data centre manager at Rackspace said: “The recent lightning strike in Ireland that has taken down Amazon’s cloud hosting service in the region is a timely reminder that outages occur, no matter how well a technology or technology provider is prepared to prevent it.”  Continue reading

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Credit crunch driving SMEs to ‘raid the family silver’

Local businesses

SME sector - the engine of economies

47 percent of Britain’s small business owners inject personal cash into their companies to stay afloat

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ Rising business costs are adversely affecting the private lives and personal finances of many SME owners, according to a new study by Make It Cheaper and the Centre for Economic and Business Research. Continue reading

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Data centre conflab to buck Greek trend

March 25 - Greece Independence Day

Greece plays host to datacentre investment shindig. Image: Aster-oid

Keynote at Data Centre Southern Europe’s inaugural fourm in Athens tackles key issues

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ Christos Alexakis, CEO of Invest in Greece – and an economist with a specialization in financial markets will keynote at the forthcoming DataCentres Southern Europe and Eastern Mediterranean taking place in the Greek capital on 19 September 2011.

Alexakis is a member of the academic community as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Economics of the Greek University of Piraeus. Continue reading

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French knowledge behemoth finalises acquisition of US identity firm

Image representing L-1 Identity Solutions as d...

Acquistion by French firm Safran completed

Knowledge management firm Safran completes L-1 Identity Solutions deal to become world leader in biometric identity solutions

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ After completing all required approval procedures, French company Safran (NYSE Euronext Paris: SAF) has now finalised the acquisition of L-1 Identity Solutions, Inc., the identity management provider in the United States of America, for a total cash consideration of US$1.09 billion or US$12 per share. Continue reading

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Cloud threat as ‘zombie VMs’ sprawl

Boot Menu of a VMware Workstation virtual machine

Virtual sprawl goes Zombie in cloud threat

Tens of millions of pounds tied up in petabytes of wasted storage as Zombie Virtual Machines continue to be a problem

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ Real-Status CTO, Stace Hipperson, has warned that Virtual Machine administrators still need to be extra-vigilant against VM sprawl as more and more users ‘self-provision’ to set up their own virtual machines.

VMs, software implementations of computers that execute programs like physical machines, are the enabling technology behind cloud computing. Continue reading

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Vocal outburst as Tandem taps Sonus at Telehouse

Picture of Telehouse North Building

Vocal outburst at the Telehouse

Neutral Tandem deploys new SIP/IP voice soft-switch in Telehouse in the English capital

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ Neutral Tandem has just rolled out a new PSX voice soft-switch from Sonus Networks in one of the world’s largest interconnection hubs, the Telehouse Docklands North location in London, England.

According to the company, th new site proffers Neutral Tandem’s international carrier customers the ability to interconnect via TDM or SIP/IP. Continue reading

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Netcetera nabs gong for best shared host at ISPA love-fest

Racks of telecommunications equipment in part ...

Shared hosting lauded in industry awards

British-based web hosting service provider fondles the mantleware in front of peers

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ At the ISPA Awards on Thursday 7th July in London town, organised by the Internet Service Providers’ Association for innovation and best practice, Netcetera’s head honcho Peter Skelton said: “Netcetera has always strived (sic) to lead the industry through innovation, service and excellent value for our customers.” Continue reading

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