Apple crumbles? Firm finisher as Big Jobs exits

Apple Newton Beschreibung: Apple Newton Messag...

Look what happened last time we saw no changes

When change comes, it’s a good idea not to have any? Huh Mr. Cook?


ECM Plus +++ That’s it. It’s over. Apple is finished.

Now that both Wozniak and Jobs are outta Apple, the firm is toast. Same thing happened when Gates exited MS and went off to solve the world’s problems with his wife.

The new broom at Apple says ‘nothing will change” like some kind of reassuring stroke of the head to investors, employees and users of their toys. Fact is, if change is over at Apple, what future then for all this ‘change management’ bullshit served up at business schools the world over?

Go figure.

Basically, when the svengali leaves the building, so too does their leadership.

Whoever ‘Tim Cook’ is, he aint; Cap’n Cook, and the only new lands he’ll be discovering have already been located long ago.

Shame really, I was just starting to think about getting one of those Apple Newton thingies that seemed to be all the rage, allegedly. Ho hum.

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