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The Good Old Days?

Inflation-busting price hikes, your time is up now caller


ECM Plus +++ On hearing the news that British Telecom is about to nail a 5 percent price hike on its customers for calls and line rental hearkens back to the dark days of its murky GPO monopoly past.

The old state monopoly is so set in its ways that the idea of innovation and true entrepreneurship are anathema to these people.

During the heady days of the late 80s and early nineties, when the industry purred to the strains of ‘Compeition and Choice’ they cleaned up their act, got payphones working and for a time truly became a contender.

But now what the Europeanisation of telecoms has killed competition off in UK telecoms completely, such former state department providers are seemingly back to their old centrally-planned soviet ways,

Shame really.

Was nice while it lasted.



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