Believe in Godin: Up close and personal with a guru

Marketing ‘guru’ Seth Godin gets personal over success

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ Seth Godin, author of Purple Cow, the marketing book of the decade, has revealed in a Grant Thornton publication just what makes him tick – both in business and in private life, the moments that he said changed his life forever.

“For ten years I was a book packager who invented book deas. If a publisher liked the books,” Godin said: “it’s then I started an internet company where we pioneered ‘permission marketing’ Because I couldn’t do both, I left book packaging but wrote a book to spread the idea.”

Godin recounts how he had a ‘lightbulb’ marketing moment while teaching children how to canoe in Camp Arowhan, Canada. “As a canoe instructor, a magical thing happened when you convinced kid to pick up canoeing over windsurfing, a clearly sexier sport. I couldn’t order people, I had no authority, but I did have the responsibility to get kids excited. That was my breakthrough; to see that authority and responsibility were different. If you took responsibility to make something interesting, to tell a story that people chose – that’s marketing.”

Godin, a firm believer in change and counterintuitive thinking, Godin challenges the reader to stop waiting for permission to create the life they want, outlines a massive change in the modern work climate and how people can inject meaning into their work.


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