SOFTWARE REVIEWS: Undelete – Second coming: resurrect bytes from the ashes…

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Undelete 2009

Probably one of the most understated and indeed under-rated pieces of software utility is the ability to recover files inadvertantly deleted by users when they’ve either not been backed up, or have been updated in different versions, and then somehow, usually due to human error, the deleted digital asset needs to be recovered but has sometimes been permanently wiped and no longer exists, as far as the user is concerned.

Enter Undelete, one of those operating system utility apps that you hopefully never have to use, but nevertheless, sits quietly doing its thing on your hard drive ready to save your bacon when the unthinkable happens.

Replacing the Recycle Bin with a RecoveryBin in Windows, Undelete is a breeze to install and then just hides in the background with some rather nifty additional capabilities over and above the usual undelete functions of Windows.

Probably one of the most significant extensions to the standard undelete features of Windows is Undelete’s ability to surpass the standard file size deletion and recovery size with the old Recycle Bin, in fact, any file can be recovered no matter how large, so for those huge video files or other rich media megafiles, Undelete’s RecoveryBin extension is de rigeur.

Apart from backing up such megafiles on other media, such as CD or DVD blanks, or even copied over to other HD media, the ability for Undelete to save and restore such files on the same drive they were deleted on is a godsend for most.

In all, Undelete is one of those understated apps that one hopes one never needs, and so it should be, but on the off-chance something goes awry, Undelete is one of those software programs that is priceless to have around. Available in both standalone and server versions, Undelete is due for an update later this year, but for the time being the 2009 version is far and away one of the most handy apps to keep installed no matter what else comes and goes from Control Panel.


Pros: A lifesaver for those of us who tend to delete files and then wonder where they are.

Cons: None that need worry anyone unduly.

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