Yahoo finished: firm in meltdown as CEO fired

Carol Bartz, American technology executive, cu...

Bye-bye blondy: corporatist MILF gets the big 'e'


What is Yahoo? Or should we say, what was Yahoo?

It’s over. The company no longer stands for anything. As one of the few Web 1.0 firms left on the grid, it’s a miracle that such a firm still exists at all and is an anathema.

Also, what a PR disaster that Yahoo! failed miserably to reinvent itself even after the warning signs were so obvious when limp MS came sniffing around a few years ago, and then nothing. An unmitigated example in complacent, slovenly public relations, and now, the board and its investors have had enough.

So really, who cares? Yahoo stood for nothing, offered nothing new and who will miss it? No one.

When MySpace lost its sheen to others in Web 2.0 no one cared. No one misses it. Not least because it was so hilarious that Murdoch’s empire had bought it in its heydey and did a Yahoo with it, Sweet Fanny Adams. These laurel-resting corporatist types should be ashamed and the idiots who appoint corporate, jobsworth types instead of real entrepreneurs should be summarily dismissed and never hired again. Nothign succeeds like abject failure in the corporatist world though, as the revolving doors twirl from one boardroom to the next. Plus ca change.

You would have thought in such parlous times, though, that these old school bureaucrat types would have been found out by now. Obviously the Nineties kool aid hasn’t worn off yet everywhere.

Just goes to show how lazy, thick-skinned and stupid most of the corporatist world is. Poor employees and shareholders. Lions led by donkeys yet again.

Entrepreneurs won’t miss Yahoo either. Too busy doing business rather than naval-gazing waiting for the grass to grow.

Good riddance, what’s their name again?

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