IBC 2011: AV watermarking measurement set to probe audiences

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Media watermarking

Axon and Civolution launch broadcast watermarking 

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ Civolution watermarking technology added to AXON’s Synapse product line to open new potential in audience measurement and media interaction

Dutch AV firm Axon Digital Design has just partnered with Civolution in a deal to that the two firms hope will integrate digital watermarking for audience measurement.

According to the partners, they also intend to implement second-screen synchronisation into Axon’s Synapse product line.

In order to facilitate such content watermarking, Axon and Civolution have developed the Synapse DAW88, an up to 8 audio channels watermarking encoder. DAW88 is of the same form factor as other Synapse modules and can be mixed and matched with additional Synapse modules in the same housing.

“We are constantly striving to incorporate increased functionality within Synapse” commented Peter Schut, chief technology officer at Axon. “Customers who were using our Synapse system wanted the ability to apply Civolution’s watermarking technology to their content. We are happy to now provide this powerful option with the new Synapse DAW88 module.”

“Our watermarking technology provides content owners and broadcasters with an array of possibilities to manage, monetize and enhance the viewing experience surrounding their assets,” said Jean-Michel Masson, SVP Watermarking Solutions, Civolution. “From audience measurement to 2nd screen synchronization, the incorporation of Civolution’s watermarking technology products into the Synapse DAW88 provides this additional potential to our customers in a single, streamlined package.”

Civolution’s watermarking technology and Axon’s Synapse DAW88 enables real-time watermarking and can be integrated into broadcast play-outs, catch-up television and podcast services and third-party panelist audimeters for use in audience measurement systems.

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