Glyndwr returns: New data centre opens in Cymru

Herald Owain Glyndwr's Coats of Arms.

On the rise in Cymry

Internet company creates £100,000 data centre in North Wales

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ AN InActernet Service Provider has just invested over £100,000 in a new data centre in North Wales,

According to the company, Hosting UK, which is based in St. Asaph will use the date centre to cut its reliance on server space in Manchester and London.

The firm said that the operational cost for its North Wales data centre are little more than a third of its English city equivalents, enabling the company to recoup its investment in just one year.

Hosting UK is now vlooking for new premises for a second facility in North Wales.

Its new data centre has a dedicated 1 Gigabit connection to the FibreSpeed fibre-optic network, linking the operation with the company’s network in Manchester and London where it takes in multiple high speed connections to the rest of the Internet.

Managing director Phil Parry revealed that without FibreSpeed, his company would have been forced to leave North Wales in order to grow. “I’d been looking at relocating to Manchester or Liverpool, even Chester, because we simply couldn’t get the network bandwidth we needed here,” he said.

“When I heard about FibreSpeed I decided to wait. The network gave us the bandwidth we needed at an affordable price, so it made the data centre possible.

“The cost of running data centres has been rising and rising. I knew the cost of operating one here would be lower. In fact they’re about 65 per cent what they are in Manchester and London, so it was a great decision to make.”

The data centre has two independent connections to two Points of Presence on the FibreSpeed network. Operating in tandem, they ensure an uninterrupted service.

It also benefits from emergency power, a sophisticated fire suppression system and energy efficient ‘free air’ cooling which uses ambient outside air temperature to keep the facility cool.

On-site staff supervise the facility on a 24/7 basis, providing security and access to some customers who choose to maintain their own servers. Most users prefer Hosting UK’s fully managed service.

The company is migrating some of its server space from Manchester and London to North Wales, though operations will remain in the two cities.

It has already launched its Exchange2Go business email service and thanks to its extra capacity will soon offer VPS2Go, a range of virtual private server packages for businesses looking for a managed IT service.

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