Sitecore partners Cogapp in content management expansion

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Cogapp partners Sitecore

CMS now proffers wider experience management features


ECM Plus +++ Cogapp has just become a new official partner of Sitecore.

According to the company, the new partnership sees Cogapp’s team of Sitecore Certified Developers about to deliver an ambitious projects using Sitecore.

Alex Morrison, Cogapp’s managing director believes the partnership will strengthen its ability to deliver long-term value to a growing list of clients in the culture, media, sport, charity, government, and commercial sectors across
Great Britain, the US and European markets. “Our aim always is to produce work that is well-conceived, beautifully executed and thoroughly engaging.”

Sitecore now offers engagement automation, enabling organisations and businesses to coordinate customer experience across all channels, while integrating with the Sitecore CMS as well as other backend systems such as customer relationship management and email; in-line personalisation, offering the opportunity to manage content based on personas and/or business rules, with the ability to conduct multivariate and A/B testing.

It also boasts engagement analytics, providing an enhanced online marketing suite that can measure ‘engagement value’ and the success of marketing efforts, the company said.

Tristan Roddis, head of web development, leads Cogapp’s Sitecore team added: “Sitecore is a great platform for developers. It’s clean separation of content and presentation and the extremely rich API make it very easy to customise, extend and integrate with external systems.”

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