Ninth amendement for Worksite in Autonomy push

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Worksite Version 9.0 expands into mobile

Version 9.0 proffers private cloud and mobile

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ Autonomy has just released another iteration of its document management software WorkSite now in Version 9.0.

According to the company, Version 9.0 boasts shared anvironment for storing business content and is capable of tracking milestones and communications.

Both paper and electronic document records, as well as e-mail messages, and other media can now be consolidated in a central library, making them easier to find, share, and reuse.

Also available in Version 9.0 is version control, automated notifications, and advanced search options streamline execution and simplify the handoff of work among users. Business users and professionals manage access and security to workspaces, reducing the demands on the IT organization.

New capabilities in WorkSite 9.0 include WorkSite Mobility, as well as enabling users to designate certain types of content within the store as ‘sensitive’. This sensitive content is automatically encrypted by the WorkSite platform for storage without the need for any third-party software, enabling law firms to comply with new regulations and protect sensitive customer data.

WorkSite 9 also offers a cloud platform for document management, scanning and workflow. The new WorkSite 9 platform enables customers to access these services via traditional desktop clients, thick clients, web-based interfaces thin client or via a mobile device or micro clients.

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