Spiritual rising as German CMS invests in e-tail therapy

Image representing e-Spirit as depicted in Cru...

FirstSpirit gets German e-commerce build

CMS for e-commerce sites at Media Markt and Saturn

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ Germany’s Markt and Saturn retail stores are installing new e-commerce web sites based on FirstSpirit from the German-based firm e-Spirit.

According to the Teutonic firm, they are integrating their spiritual CMS in their multichannel platform based on WebSphere Commerce.

Apparently, http://www.saturn.de will be implemented as the first project and will go live in Germany in October. Not only the employees in the local stores but also in the management companies of all countries will use FirstSpirit as “editors” to create, maintain and deploy content for the e-commerce site.

Jörn Bodemann, CEO of e-Spirit commented: “At Media Markt and Saturn, the advantages of our best-of-breed approach and our strengths in integration into existing system environments are very much evident. FirstSpirit is able to insert itself into strictly regulated, complex shop infrastructures, to provide content from different sources for any output channels and therefore to simplify the management of editorial content.”

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