WEEKEND PLUS: SharePoint Killer snuffs with hybrid ECM

Firebird (database server)

Flaming avians

Firebird-based Centric proffers on-demand enterprise content management

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ Centric ECM has become the first software provider to offer what it calls businessw-class Enterprise Content Management as ‘a true hybrid’ solution and alternative to SharePoint.

According to the company, Centric ECM uses an open-source Firebird database with a WCF based server connection to provide an alternative to expensive ECM software “such as those offered by Microsoft, Autonomy and Open Text” the company said.

Apparently, the effort marks the first time that a document, records, calendaring, workflow, email and resource management suite has been developed and deployed specifically for use in a hybrid environment.

“Having complex applications like ECM available on-demand like this used to be constrained by the limitations of web apps” commented Joel Ellison, CIO for Centric. “With today’s launch, Centric is using an open source database to leverage the processing power of a user’s PC to provide capabilities that have never before been available in hybrid ECM solutions.”

According to the firm, Centric ECM’s design process led it to the choice of database and delivery model, and claim that companies can harvest the benefits of using offsite servers to manage their unstructured data without relinquishing control over that data or having their ECM tools be reliant on their existing network.

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