System of a Double Down: First 10 hour DDoS attack crashes SoundCloud

Denial of Service Attack

DDoS attacks. Image: kryptyk

On-line cloud firm decked by double major outages in weekday Distributed Denial of Service meltdown

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ On Tuesday October 4 at approximately 8:40pm CET, SoundCloud’s Operations team were alerted to an unusually high amount of unidentified traffic leading to a complete network outage. Within minutes, the company’s Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Engineering and Head of Operations and all available operations engineering resources were deployed to investigate the issue and the company said it “worked around the clock” to locate and resolve it.

The company confirmed that it identified the problem as being a major distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack and initially resolved it around ten hours later at 6.30am CET.

After seeing the service stabilize for a few hours yesterday morning, unfortunately a second denial of service attack occurred around noon CET as the attackers adjusted to SoundCloud’s preventive measures.

This attack delayed full mitigation until the cloud provider was able to implement “more robust measures” which it said were now in place. Around 7pm CET last night, SoundCloud stated that its salable defensive measures were in place and it was able to stabilize the service gradually.

The firm’s engineering teams are continuing to assess the situation, SoundCloud said.




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