StarForce updates audio and video content protection app

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Plus ca change: Media copyright issues have been around for years

Updated version for audio/visual content protection and licensing

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ECM Plus +++ StarForce has just released an updated version of FrontLine Audio/Video, the professional software app for protecting audio and video content from unauthorised copying and distribution.

According to FrontLine, Audio/Video now secures PC and DVD-video format audio and video files for use on PC and home multimedia players. Rights holders are able to secure its intellectual property against copying, illegal distribution and unauthorised use. They can also define content licensing policy and gain sales information using the StarForce digital rights management system.

Secured content can be distributed on any physical media or on the internet, the company said.

The specially developed StarForce software multimedia player is the major component of the product. The player supports playback of audio and video files of many formats.

The player has been designed so that it can be easily customised for client needs – it is possible to change the player’s appearance, layout of control elements, etc.

Audio/video files are encrypted and stored in a software-secured ‘container’ which is only accessible via the StarForce multimedia player. All protection operations are run using the free StarForce Protection Studio tool.

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