Corporate counsel group hails in-house value of the law

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And Justice For All: Law takes centre stage in corporate value chain

Next phase of the ACC value challenge to focus on In-house counsel successes

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ The Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) has just launched ‘ACC Value  Champions’ for the next phase of its ‘Value Challenge’ initiative.

According to the association, the new recognition programme will identify, celebrate and publicize successful law department value initiatives and law firm/client collaborations under the banner of the ACC Value Challenge. ACC Value Champions will showcase individuals in departments and law firms who are making a difference for their organizations through creativity and value-based legal management skills.

“Over the past three years, ACC has challenged outside and inside counsel to reconnect value to the delivery of legal services and the efforts have paid off tangible dividends by focusing attention on the importance of clients obtaining real value and measurable results for their legal spend,” commented Veta T. Richardson, President and CEO of ACC. “This next phase will look at tactics implemented and celebrate the lawyers who have developed value-based services for their clients in ways that can be replicated by other in-house lawyers.”

ACC said the recognition programme came from from the success stories that ACC and others have witnessed in the continuing effort to ensure that client expectations, not outside legal spend, drive the legal services equation. In identifying Value Champions, ACC recognizes that there are many factors that contribute to driving value; therefore, the significance of results will be relative to the organization, the scope of the given project and its objectives.

ACC said it will be accepting nominations from now until March 15, 2012. Nominees will define the scope and duration of the project being highlighted; provide metrics on spend, predictability and/or legal outcomes; and an informational narrative on how the results were achieved. Emphasis should be on description of fee structures, efficiency, staffing/training, relationship/collaboration and other practices. All sizes of law departments and law firms are encouraged to apply. More details and nomination forms are available online at:

“We’ve seen significant changes in how in-house counsel approach their relationships with outside counsel and their corporate clients,” added Jonathan Oviatt, ACC Board Chair and Chief Legal Officer and Secretary for the Mayo Clinic. “ACC will leverage its network by offering its in-house counsel members practical resources and best practices learned from the experiences of the Value Champions.”



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