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BinaryDistribution launches mediAvatar media toolkit

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ BinaryDistribution has just launched its latest version of mediAvatar Media Toolkit Ultimate and Media Toolkit.

According to the company, mediAvatar Media toolkit Ultimate for Windows and Mac OS X based computers is the quintessential toolkit for backing up* DVDs and Blu-rays protecting the original discs from scratches and general wear and tear.

It can convert and edit DVDs, Blu-rays and all popular video files for use on any media device, anywhere and anytime. Users can transfer audio from DVD/Blu-ray/CD and convert it to mp3 and many other file formats.

mediAvatar Media Toolkit Ultimate includes mediAvatar Blu-ray Ripper and mediAvatar DVD Converter Pro, to transfer Blu-ray and DVD to all popular formats including HD and standard definition and enjoy on multimedia players such as iPad, iPhone, Tablet PCs, PSP, Xbox, Wii and others.

It also boasts mediAvatar Video Converter Pro & YouTube Video Converter to convert from all popular video formats including directly from YouTube and transfer* to your preferred playback device.

The new version also now features mediAvatar Audio Converter Pro to extract, rip, edit and convert all popular audio formats to play on any multimedia device.

mediAvatar Media toolkit, includes mediAvatar mediAvatar Blu-ray Ripper & mediAvatar DVD Converter Pro for movie and video fans to get the most from their media collection.

mediAvatar Media Toolkit Ultimate and Media Toolkit are available at around £79.99 and £39.99 respectively, and are available for a limited period exclusively from as a download and physical boxed products are available from Amazon.


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