VIEWPOINT: CES – Gadget glut betrays storage setbacks

Consumer Electronics Show

CES show portends cost conundrums

No more gimmickry please, just give us the skinny


ECM Plus +++ Bullshitometers are very much in evidence at this year’s annual CES bash for boffins of all things tech gadget enslavement.

In the FT, Richard Waters waxed lyrical about how the tech firms expect a price war for all manner of gadgetry this year.

However, in all the pontificating by analysts and their PR puffery mavens, the sad fact is that irrespective of how cheap the flattest of flatscreen vision accesories and handheld identity thievingly dumb ‘smartphones’ are (read that as ‘putting all your personal data information in one basket’ dullardry), no one is mentioning anything about the shocking rise in prices of hard drives.

The relentless push towards all things cloud might suggest someone is trying to kill off local storage. But it’s a pointless exercise, if all the PVRs and movie data has nowhere to be kept on a local device, whether a laptop, home entertaiment server or enterprise media management NAS box for that matter.

As usual, the tech-heads run away with the blue-sky BS, meanwhile British businesses and their foreign partners wallow around in a state of confusion.

Bring back the Winchester, all is forgiven.

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