HARDWARE REVIEW: Sandberg SPDIF Digital Audio Cable

Sabdberg SP/DIF digital audio cable

Digital sound just got that little bit clearer via ‘Lux Line’

Model: Sandberg SP/DIF digital cable – 504-24: Digital audio, music, primarily is a very subjective thing. Some people have ears like bats, others have cloth ears. From those who can hear a pin drop to those who are atonal as a lump of mud, the world is full of variance .

And so to review and, ostensibly, identical piece of wire is not a task for the faint-hearted.

Which its just as well then that ECM Plus knows its Jet PLL from its THD when it comes to all things sonic.

Indeed, when it comes to analague and digital audio, we pride ourselves. Hence the review of Sandberg’s new Lux-Line SPDIF audio cable is a real joy – the prospect of ripping CDs and burning mp3s over a quality link such as this is a real treat.

The cable itself is definitely thicker than most of the other digital audio coax versions out there, with 75 ohm load handling as specified in the SP/DIF standard for optimal digital bitstream transfer.

We used the digital I/O on various audio devices, Focusrite Saffire, Edirol and M-Audio via our test rigs, and the Sandberg performed flawlessly with each digital direct transfer. While we did not test for error correction rates in these tests, the Jet PLL technology in the hardware devices is designed to pick up any such dropped bits if they occur and retransmit, and was thus beyond the scope of our user tests.


Suffice it to say, the Sandberg digial SP/DIF coax cable is definitely a contender for premium quality digital transfers, as much as anything for its robustness, given that it is a hefty cable of around six feet (1.8m) which chunky gold-plated phono plugs on each end.

Pros: Solid construction, gold-plated plugs

Cons: Could be longer, 1.8m sounds long but when moving around, soon gets short


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