European Data Centre Association to launch at DataCentres 2012

Data Centre

Data Centre (Photo credit: Route79)

Newly-formed EUDCA to exhibit at conference for content relating to the data centre industry

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ Data Centres 2012 ( to be held in Nice on the 23rd and 24th of May is to be the venue for the formal launch of a new European Data Centre Association

According to the Association, it will be exhibiting at the event, and is welcoming new members to meet there.

Members already signed up to the EUDCA include data centre operators Telecity, EBRC, Colt, DCO, Lamda Hellix and Interxion, as well as major suppliers to the industry Schneider Electric, Jerlaure, Stratégies and Siemens. Consultants to the industry also including Arup and Migration Solutions and law firm Bird & Bird.

“More than 50 companies and individuals have already signed up as members of the EUDCA with more joining every day as the association gains traction,” commented Alex Rabbetts, board member of the Association. “The EUDCA is now recognised as the voice at a European level that the industry needs.”

The official launch at the prestigious DataCentres 2012 event will see the EUDCA exhibiting, will offer the opportunity to meet its members, and welcome new members to join the association. The event will also hear the chairman of the association, Bernard Lecanu speak about the reasons that the Association was formed and its roadmap for the forthcoming year.

DataCentres 2012 will host three conference theatres, a training theatre, Data Centre cinema, with 100 speakers. Uniquely the event will also include 5 masterclasses by leading industry experts.

Further information about the EUDCA can be found at or by emailing info[at]eudca[dot]org

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