Original thinking as Kofax expands capture driven strategy

Martyn Christian, CMO, Kofax

Kofax point of origination strategy expands reach of capture-enabled business process management


ECM Plus +++ Kofax has just taken the wraps off what it calls the ‘Kofax Point of Origination’ strategy, aimed at accelerating the migration of capture from centralized, back office environments to the “point of origination” where customer interactions actually take place.

Kofax said the Point of Origination strategy makes the most of a combined portfolio of its products, including Mobile Capture, Front Office Server and DotImage Enterprise.

Such solutions, Kofax said, enable organizations to deploy capture capabilities where they best serve the needs of their business by enabling customers, partners and employees to use smartphones and tablet computers, desktop scanners, multi-function peripherals (MFPs) and internet portals to initiate business processes sooner and better serve their constituencies.

Kofax said the benefits of Point of Origination strategy can be demonstrated through several use cases. For example, a potential banking customer could use a smartphone to enter and “scan” the information and documents necessary to initiate a new account opening process.

The company said that the Point of Origination strategy is one of three pillars driving product development and marketing initiatives at Kofax. The guiding principles of “touchless processing” to minimize human intervention throughout a business process, and “enterprise ready” to ensure compliance and interoperability with standard IT infrastructure and applications, complete the three pillars.

“Much of today’s business environment is shaped by the way in which organizations interact with their customers, making customer satisfaction and retention necessary for maintaining competitive advantage” commented Martyn Christian, Chief Marketing Officer for Kofax. “By providing a capture enabled BPM solution based on the Point of Origination strategy, Kofax customers can improve customer service and ultimately deliver ROI across the entire organization.”

More information on Kofax Point of Origination Solutions can be found here.

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