YouGov survey reveals firms still need to up their game with customers

We've Been Kofax'd

We've Been Kofax'd (Photo credit: digitalsorceress)

YouGov survey finds a need for B2C businesses to be more responsive to their customers

By ECM Plus

ECM Plus +++ More than a tird of customers are abandning supplier due to poor customer service, according to a new poll by YouGov.

The Kofax-backed online research found that 35 percent of British adults stopped using a business within the last year due to poor levels of customer service. 

The YouGov survey also indicated the growing need for organizations to focus on initiatives that improve customer responsiveness and technologies that deliver optimal customer experiences.

The survey questioned over 2,000 Britons on how they interact with businesses such as banks, insurers and retailers. In addition to discovering that customer loyalty could be becoming increasingly fickle, the results show that consumers have strong preferences about the means of communication.

According to the survey, over a third (37 percent) of 25-34 year olds would prefer to communicate with a supplier via electronic means using smartphones than through more traditional telephone or face-to-face interactions.

“Businesses exist in a rapidly changing, ‘anything, anytime, anywhere’ world, where the voice of the customer is increasingly influential” commented Martyn Christian, Chief Marketing Officer for Kofax. “The evidence shows that customers have no qualms about taking their business elsewhere if a company doesn’t meet their quality of service expectations, or offer access across an increasingly wide range of communication channels. Kofax customers recognize that they must improve customer responsiveness, and this demands a new approach to business process management. Transactions now exist in many forms that enter the business through many channels, but which all require the same high quality, integrated processing. Business processes should start at the point where interactions occur ;at the point of origination’ and operate seamlessly across the business.”

According to Kofax, this capture enabled BPM approach ensures that any data, regardless of its format, is automatically captured, classified, separated, extracted, validated and then communicated and delivered by the receiving organization to the right people, processes or devices, at the right time and in the right format. Capture enabled BPM drastically shortens processing time while improving accuracy and minimizing the potential for error or data loss. This in turn improves business productivity, efficiency, competitive advantage and customer service.

Kofax makes this announcement from Kofax Customer Connect, a capture enabled BPM conference hosted in London. Kofax Customer Connect provides a unique forum designed to help attendees gain practical insight into capture enabled BPM solutions. The event features educational workshops, customer case studies, product sessions and industry insights presented by recognized thought leaders, as well as opportunities to network with peers and partners. For more information on Kofax Customer Connect, click on

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