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The Content Management Model

The Content Management Model (Photo credit: dmhoro)

Vasont Systems’ new white paper suggests the right tools for the job

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ For organizations looking to buy a content management system, Vasont Systems’ has just published a new white paper entitled, “Perpetual License CMS vs. SaaS CMS: Which Model Is Right for You?”.

According to the company, their paper offers readers critical information for the decision-making process. It presents an extensive comparison of the CMS licensing models to help organizations choose which model will work best based on their specific requirements.

The paper states that when shopping for a content management system, there are many factors to evaluate, including the CMS’s features, functionality, and cost, as well as the quality of the services the CMS vendor provides to their clients.

Another critical factor to consider is the licensing model. This white paper discusses the differences between a perpetual license content management system model versus a SaaS content management system model (software-as-a-service, a type of cloud computing), as well as a third model known as the hosted content management system. This analysis provides a comparison of the characteristics of each CMS licensing model, as well as the types of expenses incurred for each model.

The paper also provides a list of factors that decision makers should consider when choosing a perpetual license CMS, a SaaS CMS, or a hosted CMS.

The paper is available in the Resources section on their corporate website and at


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