Social media shunned by Euro CIOs as 67% block content

CIOs shunning video and social media

Europe’s chief information officers banning YouTube, Facebook, Twitter

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus /LONDON/ +++ European CIOs are shunning social media for business, according to a new study by Easynet and Ipanema Technologies.

The research study said that chief information officers are risking ‘alienating customers’, as well as ‘creating ineffective marketing strategies’, and ‘demotivating’ their staff and ‘eliminating’ their competitive edge.

The research, entitled ‘Killer Apps 2012’, also found that 67% of European CIOs and IT directors said they block Facebook. 60% said they block YouTube. 49% said they block Twitter. Furthermore, 56% said they block ‘all online video’.

Thierry Grenot, Executive Vice President at Ipanema Technologies, said: “Many of the anticipated challenges caused by employee usage of social media such as its impact on the corporate network have been solved, so it’s time for CIOs to look again at their policies in this area.”

The ‘Killer Apps 2012’ report was compiled based upon online field research conducted in March and April 2012 with 550 unique respondents consisting of CIOs, IT directors, IT managers and network managers. Respondents are employed within large businesses across Europe. Responses were drawn from the UK, France, Spain, Italy, Belgium and the Benelux region.


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