Data disaster survey finds 10% prepared

Survey Figure 1
Figure 1: Vulnerability of Data in the Event of Disaster

Man-made Data Security Incidents Outpace Natural Disasters for Affected Companies

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus /London/ +++ Data protection corporate Quantum has just published the findings of a recent survey focusing on disaster recovery.

From its 2012 IT Manager Survey, 90 percent of IT decision makers said their data was vulnerable in the event of a disaster.

27 percent said they experienced some form of data security incident in the last year, while 15 percent said incidents were due to ‘natural disasters’.

The survey also found the number of respondents describing their organisation’s data as ‘extremely vulnerable’ edged up from 8 percent in 2010 to 11 percent. The number who felt ‘minimally vulnerable’ or ‘not vulnerable’ reduced from 51 percent to 31 percent.

According to the Quantum survey, the most common data security incident category was ‘virus attacks’, up 7 percent from 2010.

Computer operating system failure stood at 48 percent, the next most common ‘security’ issue, which saw a 21 percent increase from the 2010 survey.

68 percent of respondents said they back up data ‘daily’ or more for DR purposes, while 16 percent back up ‘weekly’ or less.

companies that aren’t able to restore their archive or DR data face significant delays in business activities, lost revenue, and a negative impact on resources. Half of all respondents noted that a data restore problem could put service level agreements with customers at risk. All of these consequences directly affect a company’s financials.

Figure 2: Data Security Incidents in the Past Year

The heightened awareness of the vulnerability of data assets and the consequences of a disaster have made DR an IT budget priority. According to a survey by industry analyst firm Enterprise Strategy Group, one quarter of IT professionals listed business continuity/DR programs among their organisation’s most important IT priorities for 2012 spending.

“Natural disasters such as this summer’s wildfires have dominated recent discussion around disaster recovery planning for IT, but there are other threats to data security that are even more pressing for IT managers,” said Robert Clark, senior vice president, Data Protection Group, Quantum. “We’re seeing a strong, sustained interest in the value of deduplicated and replicated disk backup and path-to-tape solutions for a best-practices approach to DR. In addition, many customers are now seeking all-in-one solutions that protect both physical and virtual environments. Increasingly, companies are also turning to cloud software and services for a solution to DR challenges.”

In February 2012, Quantum contracted Toluna to conduct a survey of 500 IT decisions makers at businesses with at least 100 employees. To be included in the survey, respondents were pre-screened to ensure they were involved with the data storage function at their organisation.

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