Paperless office still a pipedream – survey

Paperless office?

Survey finds business still overrun with paperwork

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus /London/ +++ Two-thirds of businesses regularly need to scan more than fifty pages a day to transfer information to a digital format.

That’s according to a new survey from Anoto, creators of digital pen and paper technology, whose results of a survey conducted across the USA and Britain focused on the state of scanning in business today.

Apparently, businesses both large and small ranging anywhere from 50 to more than 200 employees across a wide variety of industries were surveyed and found to have significant scanning requirements due to a continued reliance on paper. Some of the major reasons include the need to keep an electronic record (71%) and because the data is easier to work with in digital form (55%).

Other reasons cited were:

· More cost effective than maintaining a paper archive (45%)

· The need to backup printed files (41%)

· The increasing plethora of legal requirements (31%)

Of the companies surveyed, the vast majority (81%) of employees said they had a scanning requirement and noted that time spent on the process each day is significant, with 44% of employees spending between one and five hours or more a day just scanning paper documents.

When asked how many pages per day that equated to, more than 61% of the businesses surveyed stated that scanned documents amounted to anywhere between 50 to well over a 100 pages per day. Considering the average cost for scanning a single document is approximately 5.4 pence per page and the lost time in productivity that it takes an employee to process each document, the cost to a business can rise to many thousands of pounds per year.

“We asked respondents if they would be interested in an alternative solution to scanning to ease the cost burden, particularly in a solution as simple as a pen instead of a scanner,” said Joakim Nydemark, executive vice president of sales and marketing at Anoto. “Almost half of these organisations expressed interest in this type of option to revise current processes. This proves that although the paperless office is not yet a reality, businesses are looking for new more portable alternatives to current processes.”

The survey also broke out vertical markets where paper is still particularly heavily used including legal, financial services and insurance.

According to the survey, the numbers for the need to transfer paper to an electronic form through scanning were ‘staggering’.


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