Rackspace to acquire Mailgun for cloud email integration

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Rackspace to acquire Mailgun

Rackspace takes aim at Mailgun in ‘open cloud’ platform expansion

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus /London/ +++ Rackspace Hosting, the open cloud company, has just entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Mailgun, Inc., a Y Combinator startup.

According to Rackspace, their Mailgun acquisition will further enhance its product portfolio, making it easy to integrate cloud-based email services into applications and websites within minutes.

“Rackspace is dedicated to providing the tools that our customers need to build their technology stack on the Rackspace Open Cloud” commented Pat Matthews, senior vice president of corporate development at Rackspace. “Mail is a core component of nearly every website and application today. Our customers are asking for this and Mailgun is the right company to help us deliver it in a tightly integrated way.”

The company added that Mailgun is built for developers and provides a powerful set of APIs that allows users to send, receive, and track email easily from within their applications – without managing an email server or becoming an expert in email setup, operations and deliverability. The full-featured email service enables customers to engage their users, and optimise the email capability of their application and websites with all the analytics and data needed to measure the impact. The company is currently servicing customers such as 37Signals, Parse, Financial Times and many others. Growing by over 20 percent a month, Mailgun is also integrated into platforms such as Heroku, AppFog and Engine Yard.

“Mailgun is excited to join the Rackspace family. We believe in their open cloud strategy and we love the customer support mentality that permeates the company” added Ev Kontsevoy, CEO and founder of Mailgun. “Like Rackspace, we want to provide developers with the right products to make the lives of developers easier and more productive. We look forward to continuing this mission with Rackspace and building a strong future together.”

Mailgun is headquartered in San Francisco, California in the U.S.A. The Mailgun team will remain in San Francisco which will add to Rackspace’s growing presence in San Francisco.

“Today, email integration into web apps is as important as your website presence itself because it provides the bridge for companies to talk with their customers or the community to talk to each other” said Paul Buchheit, a partner at Y Combinator, the lead developer who created Gmail and a founder of FriendFeed.

Rackspace said they expected the acquisition to close this week


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