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Assets finding safe haven in Britain – report

EXPO REAL - International Trade Fair for Comme...

Safe as houses: assets bolt for Blighty's bricks

Economic jitters weigh heavy as property market indicators flatter to deceive

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ The latest ‘Property Snapshot’ by real estate analysts Colliers International reveals that the lack of robust property fundamentals continues to be more than offset by international economic and political fear.

According to Colliers, safe haven investment is now flowing into British property, in what it calls ‘a defining market feature.’

Key new findings for the economy, Colliers said that despite a positive Q3 of 2011 GDP outturn, uncertainty and concerns about Britain’s economic prospects, what it calls the ‘Eurozone fallout’ and financial issues continue to restrain capital investment and consumer spending substantially. Continue reading


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REVIEW: Verbatim Executive 500GB USB3.0 External HDD

Verbatim Executive 500Gb HDD

Portable drive with encrpytion, backup and power saving functionality


ECM Plus +++ With the rise and rise of private cloud, NAS boxes and SSD portable media, the role of localised storage will always be as important if not more so than entrusting one’s priceless personal data to the vagaries of a remote public cloud, where one’s data may be lost, deleted, or simply vanish forever as happened to Flickr in recent times. Continue reading

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Charges for state inspections will hit small firms hardest

NAMM 2007 - Mr Jobsworth.

Concerns over 'revenue generating' inspections. Image: Eleventh Earl of Mar

Proposals for ‘elf’n’safety’ jobsworths to charge for inspections

ECM Plus +++ Draconian new state proposals to charge small enterprises for ‘material’ faults found during inspections by the Health and Safety Executive could damage relationships and may be seen as a way to ‘raise revenue’ rather than improving compliance, says the Federation of Small Businesses in response to a consultation which closed Friday.

In a classic case of ‘mission creep’, the HSE quango is proposing to ‘extend’ its current systems of ‘cost recovery’ to include a ‘fee’ for ‘intervention’ where an inspector will charge for the inspection and any subsequent actions when a ‘material’ fault has been found. Continue reading

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PRODUCT NEWS: V-locity 3 takes off for virtual disk duties

Schema of a Storage Area Network (SAN)

SAN storage area network schematic

Diskeeper takes wraps off V-locity 3 Virtual Platform Disk Optimizer

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ Diskeeper has just released the latest version of V-locity 3 virtual platform disk optimizer for VMware, proffering invisible background optimisation for maximum I/O performance on virtual servers. Continue reading

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Axe victim: Feds raid Gibson guitar plants in unfinished business

The Department of Justice building in Washingt...

Feds raid American guitar factories

Department of Justice bullies Gibson without filing charges

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ The Federal Department of Justice in Washington, D.C. has suggested that the use of wood from India that is not finished by Indian workers is illegal, not because of U.S. law, but because it is the Justice Department’s interpretation of a law in India. Continue reading

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BRITISH RIOTS: Insurers extend terms for businesses and claimants

The cover of the British law The Riot Act from...

Riot Act protection extended to the max

Building and content insurance scheme extended to take into account businesses and communities

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ According to reports, the Riot Act police compensation schemes will operate as normal and the insurance industry said it had promised to use its expertise to help the government and police implement the scheme.

ABI said they will be supporting the extension to the maximum of 42 days the amount of time claims can be made under the scheme.

ABI said it was revising its estimated figure of claims likely to be paid out by the insurance industry to be over £200 million. Continue reading

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British businesses being battered by bureaucracy – report

Nicolaj Malchow-Møller, director of research C...

CEBR research findings reveal red tape mountain. Image: Akademikerne

Rising business costs crippling British enterprise

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ Small British firms are trapped in a vice of rising business costs, squeezing margins, choking growth and threatening their survival, according to a new study by Make It Cheaper and the Centre for Economic and Business Research.

According to the research, overheads have risen by almost a quarter over the past five years, and more than half (55 percent) of small business owners now warn that their company will simply not survive much longer if costs continue to rise at current rates. Continue reading

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Gyron grows datacentre space with new 8MW Hemel facility

Gyron's new Hemel data centre

New high availability ‘Maylands’ secure data centre to open in New Year

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ Gyron has just started work to bring online an additional data centre in Hemel Hempstead, in the South East of England.

According to the company, when open for customer occupation in Q1 2012, the new Maylands facility will complement the existing Centro facility, also in Hemel Hempstead, that was opened by the company in 2009. Continue reading

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Disaster recovery driving virtualization – survey

Virtualization exemple

Virtualization: outsourced power

IT personnel not aware of hidden costs – including I/O bottlenecks

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ A new survey by Coleman Parkes and commissioned by CA Technologies has found that downtime costs businesses more than 127 million man-hours per annum.

However, more that 30 percent of both VMware and Microsoft virtualisation users identified backing up VM data as a challenge, and also indentified storage management, I/O bottlenecks and server availability monitoring as major virtualisation challenges. Continue reading

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GFI logs on for SharePoint support in compliance, e-discovery move

SharePoint Architecture German

SharePoint architecture

EventsManager 2011 with LOGbinder SP proffers new log monitoring, alerting, reporting and archiving capabilities for SharePoint users

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ GFI Software has just added SharePoint logging to its existing security and compliance offerings the company has confirmed.

New features for GFI EventsManager 2011 now include a dedicated SharePoint log managementand auto-update patch management capability, which also enables IT administrators to perform specific network and data security tasks for regulatory compliance, as well as for business continuity and e-discovery requirements.  Continue reading

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SME market feels the financial heat as time-to-pay initiative ends

The Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs vessel H...

SMEs being scuttled by cessation of business initiative

Taxation killing off small-to-medium sized enterprises say insolvency specialists 

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ There is a ‘hidden tragedy’ as the SME community is unravelling as the UK taxman calls in debts

According to one major UK insolvency practioner, debts owed to the Revenue are now the most likely causes of future company failures.

Figures just released by insolvency experts, almost 75 percent of instructions currently received cite Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs as the largest single creditor at the point that a company enters administration. Continue reading

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Radio killed the video star? NAB moves to embed FM into mobiles

FM-radio revival to move mobile content into radio age

Campaign promoting Frequency Modulation band radio-enabled wireless handsets demanding lawmakers halt supporting for Creativity and Innovation resolution

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ U.S. National Association of Broadcasters has just launched a bold new campaign targeted at embedding FM radio into mobile devices.

NAB said the rationale was to provide local news, entertainment as well as emergency information content to information. Continue reading

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Oracle database disasters a thing of the past with Kroll’s recovery drive

Media that has suffered a catastrophic electro...

Fried disk drive with burnt chips

Ontrack data recovery spins to the rescue

by ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ Kroll Ontrack has taken the wraps off its latest Ontrack Data Recovery service for Oracle systems, which now includes popular virtual environments.

According to Kroll, recovery efforts can now be further complicated when databases are hosted inside virtual machines or in the cloud.  Continue reading

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OBITER DICTA: Cloud data center chaos set for earthquake catastrophes?


With a cloud security standards void to bring enterprise disasters closer?

The ostensible absence of universally-agreed cloud security standards and SLAs for enterprises who venture forth into the sexy and hip cloud outsourcing trend, without implementing an adequate risk assesment profile, is a recipe for digital data centre disaster. Continue reading

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Kroll Ontrack avows varied virtualisation systems

Kroll Ontrack now supports range of virtualised systems for data recovery

Media that has suffered a catastrophic electro...
Media that has suffered a catastrophic electronic malfunction

ECM Plus – Kroll Ontrack has just confirmed it can now support virtualisation products from a range of other vendors, including Hyper-V, Oracle VM VirtualBox and Citrix XenServer, as well as VMware vSphere virtual systems.

The support will be via its in-lab and remote Ontrack Data Recovery services, the comany said. Continue reading

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British website speeds trounce Europeans in mobile retail report

Internet mobile and cloud monitoring firm tracks best and worst in wireless retailing performances

Image representing Keynote Systems as depicted...
Mobile retailers across Europe performing vastly differently

ECM Plus – Monitoring firm Keynote says that mobile website performance of 17 of the top retailers across five countries shows widely varied perfomances.

According to the firm, consumers are looking to their mobile handsets as their first port of call when making an online purchase, while retailers, it says, are investing heavily in making sure that their mobile offerings meet this new demand. Continue reading

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DOC does smallest SSD on chip storage

Six hard disk drives with cases opened

The incredible shrinking drive

Foremay claims OC177 as world’s smallest SSD Disk on a chip – 32Gb and 64Gb for both IDE and SATA


ECM Plus – Foremay has just introduced a disk-on-chip solid state hard drive into the OC177 SSD range featuring a tiny dimension of only 22 x 22 x 1.8 mm.

According to the company, the storage device is thin and light, yet robust and the disk chip is being marketed as DOC. Continue reading

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Gone in a Flickr: coveted content consigned to cloud cuckoo-land

Wordmark of Flickr

Gone in a Flickr

Ve haff vays of mekking you veep! Yahoo’s Flickr fsck-up sends shock waves through cloud content communities


ECM Plus – Just when you thought it was safe to entrust all the crown jewels of content to the cloud, along comes a yarn that send shivers down your spine and makes the hairs on the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end. Call it asset stripping, call it digital downsizing, call it what you will, all such expressions of loss pale into insignificance on hearing the news of this one poor German fellow who watched helplessly as four years worth of thousands of his priceless photos were consigned to the ‘Great Recycle Bin’ in cyberspace following a bizarre sequence of events which culminated in cloud image behemoth Flickr deleting all his precious pictures in one fell swoop at the push of a button. Vamoosh! Gone… Continue reading

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FEATURE: Cloud and Business Continuity

Robert Rutherford, Managing Director of QuoStar talks about the issues surrounding the Cloud and Business Continuity

Although not a new concept, the popularity of cloud computing is continuing to soar, says Robert Rutherford, Managing Director of QuoStar Solutions.

MANY COMPANIES, however, are still unsure about what impact ‘moving to the cloud’ will have on their business continuity plans.

Cloud Computing, and indeed the whole concept of ‘Software-as-a-Service’, is continuing to grow in popularity. Already, these new web-based models of software distribution are completely transforming the way in which companies access and store their business-critical applications and data. Continue reading

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FEATURE: Key considerations for ‘cloudsourcing’ contracts – CAMM

Cloud computing sample architecture

Cloud computing sample architecture


Economics dictates that the CEO, and CFO have a balancing act delivering security, and quality operational services, whilst at the same time, attempting to reduce the organisational and operational costs of delivering the business’ mission.

One opportunity in focus is that of ‘CloudSourcing’, where, depending on the size and type of business, they may be considering engaging in a contract in which part, or all, of their operations are placed into the hands of a Cloud Provider, be this SaaS, PaaS, IaaS or any other such ‘Anything-as-a-Service’ that may accommodate the operational model. Continue reading

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OnApp takes the wraps off latest cloud management software


Image: Samibu

OnApp 2.1 enables hosting providers to offer private cloud, extends cloud resource billing capabilities and KVM hypervisor support


ECM Plus – Cloud management software specialist OnApp has just launched its new Version 2.1 software for hosting providers, enabling cloud services without huge up-front costs.

According to the company, OnApp 2.1 has introduced features that make cloud hosting accessible to a wider range of hosts, with options for private clouds, cloud resource billing and resilience, and also KVM hypervisor support.

There is also a free 12-month trial of OnApp 2.1 for deployments of up to 100 CPU cores followed by a low monthly license fee, the company said.

OnApp’s managing director and chief architect Carlos Rego said: “In 2.1 we’ve made it easy for hosts to offer private clouds, as well as public, hybrid and VPS cloud offerings. We’ve expanded our hypervisor support, and introduced utility billing for IOPS. OnApp is the only cloud management tool designed specifically for hosts, and this release extends our leadership in this market.”

“The cloud hosting market is growing rapidly, and the window of opportunity is shrinking for hosters to take advantage of the low CPAs and high margins our customers are seeing today” Rego added. “Hosts have three basic choices when moving to the cloud. They can build their own management system, or try to customize a generic cloud framework: however, the time, cost and complexity of these approaches is usually prohibitive. The alternative is to use OnApp, and have a cloud up and running in as little as a day.”

OnApp 2.1’s feature include availability zones: hosts can now group cloud resources into zones that make it easy to offer private clouds to end users – one of the fastest growing segments of the cloud hosting market. This is also significant for small hosts that don’t always have the resources to build their own cloud. They can buy a private cloud from a larger host and use it to resell cloud hosting to their own customers. Zones also enable hosts to segment their datacenter infrastructure for added cloud resilience.

It also boasts IOPS billing: hosts can now monitor and charge for IOPS, as well as the utility billing for CPU core, CPU priority, disk space and network resources already supported. This improves control over cloud storage resources, and provides new options for cloud hosting service design.

KVM hypervisor support is also now included: OnApp 2.1 now supports hypervisors using KVM virtualization technology, which is increasingly popular in the hosting industry. OnApp already supports Xen hypervisors and will add support for VMware and Hyper-V in future releases.

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Private cloud push as Platform proffers ISF2.1

Duke, the Java Mascot, in the waving pose. Duk...
Duke, the Java Mascot

Platform Computing announces industry’s most complete
application-centric software for private cloud management


ECM Plus – Platform Computing has just taken the wraps off its new ISF 2.1 software for private clouds.

According to the firm, the software can run multi-tier applications as well as providing IaaS infrastructure and PaaS platform middleware as services.

ISF 2.1 also uses what they call a ‘single cloud pane’ for cloud administrators and delegates with support for Hadoop, Jboss, Tomcat and WebSphere. 2.1 also has policy driven automation for high availability across multiple data centres.

“Adopting an open cloud management solution that supports flexibility and choice is critical” opined Jay Muelhoefer, vice president of enterprise marketing for Platform Computing. “ISF enables companies to benefit from the cloud, not stitch it together across multiple vendors like a systems integrator.”

Platform said ISF2.1 automates delivery of complex enterprise infrastructure and production applications across heterogeneous virtual, physical and public cloud resources.

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Survey reveals private clouds rising fast

Image representing Platform Computing as depic...

Platforms survey taps HPC cloud demand

HPC users experimenting with private and public clouds


ECM Plus – Sixty-two percent of high performance computing (HPC) users have experimented with private or public cloud, according to a new survey by Platform Computing.

Platform found that HPC users cited a number of ways they are evaluating private cloud infrastructure, including building so-called ‘shared infrastructures’ (36 percent) as well as bursting existing workloads (15 percent).

Users said they were also experimenting with offloading applications or workloads to run on public cloud infrastructure (23 percent).

“Until recently, HPC users have been sceptical of implementing HPC cloud environments due to potential performance issues stemming from virtualisation and the need for proper load balancing and fast compute times. The data we collected from delegates at this year’s Supercomputing Conference show that the tide is turning for private cloud within the HPC community. Our customers are also reflecting this trend with more beginning to explore capabilities that help them better manage workloads while keeping an eye on their costs,” said Randy Clark, CMO, Platform Computing.

Platform Computing surveyed 100 IT executives across research, government, education, manufacturing and other industries at the conference to determine why HPC organisations are evaluating cloud bursting solutions and their current and future plans for HPC cloud initiatives. Of those delegates already evaluating cloud strategies, 45 percent report a positive experience with using cloud bursting.

Among the reasons cited for HPC users to evaluate cloud bursting solutions were the following: the ability to have a more flexible infrastructure – 33 percent; the ability to provision resources more quickly – 15 percent; the ability to address problems that were previously difficult to solve – 12 percent; more cost-effective – 9 percent.

For those that had not yet evaluated cloud bursting, the survey also found that 26 percent said they intended to do so over the next 12 months.


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Plextor proffers PX-NAS4 in network attached storage foray

Visual differentiation of NAS vs. SAN use in n...

Visual differentiation of NAS vs. SAN use

Secure, Safe & Speedy: The Plextor PX-NAS4 Device


ECM Plus – Plextor has just launched the PX-NAS4 network-attached storage (NAS) device for high-performance digital media offering massive storage capacity with fast data access, high security and reliability.

The PX-NAS4 offers high security, excellent reliability and massive storage space

The new NAS box also features dual LAN ports for faster data access and has up to 8 Terabytes of storage capacity across 4 Hot-Swappable drive bays.

Plextor said the new NAS was DNLA 1.5 Compliant and features iSCSI for network sharing, secure data with password protection and encryption, as well as multiple disk configurations, and, a spare bay for replacement if a disk fails

The PX-NAS4 also has a snapshot backup utility which provides for mirror-image back-ups of data.

As far as data access and sharing across networks is concerned, the PX-NAS4 boasts dual-LAN ports to deliver a massive bandwidth with data access speeds of up to 2Gbps. The device will enable digital media to be shared or streamed to compatible devices, with a suitable router connection.

With the added convenience of iSCSI, the PX-NAS4 can also be used for sharing and supporting network storage over existing installations.

Using four hot-swap drive bays, the PX-NAS4 offers 8TB of data storage space and can be expanded using the built-in 2 x eSATA and 2 x USB ports for external hard drive connections.

Plextor said that data stored on the PX-NAS4 is secure from unwanted access via password-protection and advanced volume encryption using AES 256 encryption. Added back-up options include multiple disk configurationsm, such as RAID5 or RAID10. The Sot Backup Utility is bundled with the device, offering backup which that takes a mirror-image of the current state of the NAS, to protect and safeguard data.

For more details see

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