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FEATURE: The Wisdom Of Integral Management Vs. Corporate Narcissism

First Meeting

Meetings: Corporate Narcissism? (Photo credit: lhl)

by Mats Eriksson

You have probably already heard this ancient wisdom tale: There was once a king who wanted to marry off his daughter. Naturally he wanted to find a smart and wise son-in-law. So he arranged a test for all her suitors. They had to go into a dark room and determine what was in it. Continue reading

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Big bank insider exposes $20bn UBS tax evasion, awarded $104m

National Whistleblowers Center –

Whistleblower bags massive $104 million reward for foiling bankster scam

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus /Washington, D.C./ +++ Former UBS banker Bradley Birkenfeld has won a massive whistleblower reward of $104 million for his contributions in providing the U.S. Government with insider information on UBS’ illegal offshore banking scheme.

According to the National Whistleblowers Center, this is believed to be the largest reward ever given to an individual whistleblower in the United States and the first major reward issued under the IRS tax whistleblower law. Continue reading

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‘Collaborate’ event to showcase business risk and info protection


Event to showcase issues in business risk and information protecction

Former intelligence officer to discuss additional means to protect sensitive corporate data against risk

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ John A. Nolan, III, a retired U.S. Army intelligence officer, author and expert in the field of business intelligence, will be the keynote speaker at document and workflow specialist Cabinet NG’s annual ‘Collaborate’ conference taking place from October 13-14 at The Westin in Huntsville, Alabama.

While Cabinet NG’s software offer storage, protection and compliance, much else is ‘obtainable’ from the people in and around an organisation that could put its sensitive information at risk, the company said, including proprietary information and intellectual property. Continue reading

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Encrypted password court case puts Fifth to the test

This is the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EF...

Content encryption comes to the fore in test case

Foundation urges court to uphold privilege against self-incrimination

The Electronic Frontier Foundation urged a federal court in Colorado to block the government’s attempt to force a woman to enter a password into an encrypted laptop, arguing in an amicus brief that it would violate her Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination. Continue reading

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NNDB gets corporate board content all mapped out

magnifying glass showing aberration

NNDB Mapper helps put connections under scrutiny

New update for content at NNDB corporate board mapping

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ Look out LinkedIn. NNDB has updated its free \NNDB Mapper search engine, the visual tool that explores the connections and linkages between people.

According to NNDB, the NNDB Mapper now navigates biographical data collected in NNDB now topping more than 32,000 individuals, with coverage linking the worlds of business, politics, science and culture. Continue reading

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Digital rights guide to protect computers and mobile devices published

Hugh D'Andrade's design to commemorate Electro...

Digital rights take centre stage in new publication

New ‘Know Your Digital Rights’ guide to constitutional liberties


EFF +++ The Electronic Frontier Foundation has answers to these questions in our new “Know Your Digital Rights” guide, including easy-to-understand tips on interacting with police officers and other law enforcement officials.

“With smart phones, tablet computers, and laptops, we carry around with us an unprecedented amount of sensitive personal information,” said EFF Staff Attorney Hanni Fakhoury. “That smart phone in your pocket right now could contain email from your doctor or your kid’s teacher, not to mention detailed contact information for all of your friends and family members. Your laptop probably holds even more data — your Internet browsing history, family photo albums, and maybe even things like an electronic copy of your taxes or your employment agreement. This is sensitive data that’s worth protecting from prying eyes.” Continue reading

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LATEST FEATURE: Morale versus execution – the great debate

Sale In A Sale Shop Selling Sale Signs

Esprit de corps or hive-minded automata? Picture: justified sinner


Morale-the esprit de corps or “spirit of the body”-is the capacity of a group of people to hold a common spirit of loyalty and comradeship.

We think of morale as being deep-seated in the psych of the individual or group. Execution, on the other hand, is the process of reaching an objective as the result of performance. A team’s ability to execute is more of a surface measurement that’s easily evaluated by an outside observer. Continue reading

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Digital asset firesale as Autonomy mops up at Iron Mountain

Autonomy CEO Mike Lynch

Autonomy’s moves into the cloud platform to expand to 25 petabytes of customer data under management


ECM Plus +++ Autonomy has just acquired selected key assets of Iron Mountain’s digital division including archiving, eDiscovery and online backup.

In a digital asset firesale that observers see as a stratgic move into the cloud for Autonomy, this means access to Autonomy’s technology for information governance in secure, private clouds in data centres. Continue reading

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Nuxeo taps BIRT for business intelligence ECM integration

Image representing Actuate as depicted in Crun...

Actuate and Nuxeo team for BI-ECM

Integration offers fully-open source ECM – BI package

By ECM  Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ Nuxeo has just delivered a new package in its Marketplace that connects its enterprise platform-based applications with the open source Business Intelligence tool Eclipse BIRT developed by Actuate.

Actuate said the Nuxeo BIRT integration would now be able to offer report design and access from within a Nuxeo ECM application. Continue reading

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Gazelle back on track with Sitecore

Day 29: CMS
Image: quinn.anya

GeoIP tracking software to monitor customers’ usage and feed information back for marketing

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ Gazelle, the Dutch biker maker has just rolled out a new web and online marketing system based on Sitecore’s CMS.

According to the cycle firm, the system will consist of a multilingual sites, and, will have GeoIP tracking. Continue reading

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Upcoming UK Census data offshoring destined for more debacles

Divisions of the United Kingdom

ONS offshoring Briton's personal data for £150m

Report reveals 2011 UK Census of private data set to go offshore to foreign agencies, increasing probability of yet more Government-sanctioned personal data breaches

ECM Plus – A new Guardian report indicates that the British Government’s Office of National Statistics is to pay a foreign agency £150 million in taxpayer money to undertake the collection and processing of Britain’s families and personal income data, with new extra questions in this year’s Census demanding to know the details of sources of incomes as well as additional personal data in the 32-page questionnaire, now destined to go offshore in the government cutbacks and ‘efficiency-savings’ outsourcing deal. Continue reading

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Google data privacy breach leaves brand reputation in tatters

Left to right, Eric E. Schmidt, Sergey Brin an...

Image via Wikipedia

Street View privacy breach damaging to user confidence in the brand

by Jack Adams, SEO Consultant, Greenlight

Google has escaped a fine for collecting personal data – including email addresses and passwords – being used in UK public Wi-Fi spots.

Despite labelling the act as a “significant breach” of the Data Protection Act that was “not fair or lawful,” the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), has simply requested that Google delete the offending data and given the search giant nine months to review its privacy practices.

The general consensus is that the ICO has been very lenient over this – its probe has been labelled “lily-livered” by Tory Member of Parliament (MP) Robert Halfon. But has Google really escaped lightly?

The damage to Google’s brand perception is substantial. In direct monetary terms it seems certainly Google has got off lightly, in the UK at least. Investigations in other nations are ongoing.

However, there can’t be any denying that some extent of damage has been done to users’ confidence in the brand and its squeaky-clean image, built around the company’s ‘don’t be evil’ motto.

This damage has been compounded by the widespread national news coverage of the privacy breaches, especially with the matter being discussed in UK parliament.

Even in general conversations, one slightly less-than-tech-savvy individual expressed reservations over Google, asking whether this breach means they should discontinue internet banking in fear of online fraud, demonstrating just how this news has pervaded the general public. The question though is whether this has put the respective individual off searching with Google? Will they now switch to a competitor?

The damage to Google’s brand perception is substantial.

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Information Commissioner: Street View breaches data protection laws

Christopher Graham, the UK Information Commiss...

Commissioner Graham finds Street View broke law

Government watchtdog finds search engine giant of unlawful Street snooping in private data dredge

ECM Plus – The UK Government Information Commissioner has found search engine behemoth Google will be subject to audit and must sign an undertaking not to breach data protection laws again.

The Information Commissioner further stated that if the search engine company were to undertake such an unlawful data breach in the UK again, they would ‘face enforcement action’ the ICO said in a statement.

Commissioner Christopher Graham said: “…there was a significant breach of the Data Protection Act when Google Street View cars collected payload data as part of their wi-fi mapping exercise in the UK.”

Commissioner Graham has instructed Google to sign an undertaking in which the company commits to take action to ensure that breaches of this kind cannot happen again.

Furthermore, in light of the breach of data protection, an audit of Google UK’s Data Protection practices will also be undertaken.

However, the Information Commissioner rejected calls for a financial penalty to be imposed on the search engine giant, but said that it was ‘well placed to take further regulatory action if the undertaking is not fully complied with.’

According to the ICO statement, iInternational data protection authorities that undertook in-depth investigations into Google’s activities found fragments of personal data, including emails, complete URLs – and passwords.

ICO said that following the admission by Google that personal data had indeed been collected, and the fact that Google used the same technology in the UK, the Commissioner decided that formal action was necessary.

Commissioner Graham is also requiring Google to delete the payload data collected in the UK as soon as it is legally cleared to do so.

Information Commissioner, Christopher Graham, added: “It is my view that the collection of this information was not fair or lawful and constitutes a significant breach of the first principle of the Data Protection Act.”

Said Graham: “The most appropriate and proportionate regulatory action in these circumstances is to get written legal assurance from Google that this will not happen again – and to follow this up with an ICO audit.”

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Software AG acquires Data in truth movement

the SOA metamodel

The SOA metamodel

Software AG acquires Data Foundations for ‘one-version-of-the-truth’ for process-driven Master Data Management

ECM Plus – In a deal the German company hopes will increase business process performance by so-called ‘Master Data Management’, or MDM, Software AG has just acquired a US firm that specialises in just that.

New Jersey-based Data Foundations Inc. provides Master Data Management software, and is used to optimise organisational business performance.

According to the firm, linking business process management and MDM will reduce complexity, deliver accurate data and maximize process quality

Software said that users would then be able to gain “one version of the truth”, which, they said, was ‘a key foundation for strategic business process optimization’

MDM also promises consistent and reliable information from differing data sources, which can then be used by virtually any system, service-orientated architecture application or automated business process.

Software said that the availability of consistent data across organisation will maximise process quality and enable faster, more precise business decisions.

The company added that organisations with a single and reliable view of business critical data ‘will have laid a key foundation’ for strategic business optimisation.

According to Software, the acquisition of Data Foundations seeks to extend its webMethods product portfolios based on its strategic fit with key corporate strengths.

This, it said, included, amongst other things, ‘trong Governance focus’ as well as deep integtration capabilities and high transaction volumes.

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Diurnal demand drives Day to DemandBase

Image representing Chris Golec as depicted in ...

DemandBase CEO Chris Golec

Day harnesses Demandbase for content targeting to biz web visitors

ECM Plus – Day Software, recently acquired by Adobe, has tapped Demandbase Inc., a technology company providing B2B marketing – which also happens to be jointly-funded by Adobe.

The two firms have linked up to form a partnership that hopes to tap into Demandbase’s so-called ‘Real-Time ID Service’, which, the company said, ‘provides B2B marketers with the intelligence of knowing which company is about to visit their website pages’.

Together with Day’s CQ5 technology, its clients can be served a tailored web page of content. based entirely on a range of pre-known information about that visiting user, profiling which has such data as the precise industry it is in, how much revenue it makes, the number of its employees, their actual office location, and the named account status.

According to the company, the plug-in also enables CQ5 customers to make web experiences more ‘relevant and engaging’ as they put it, significantly increasing site conversion rates and return on marketing.

Chris Golec, CEO and Founder of Demandbase said: “As customer interactions shift to the web, the ability to change a web experience for a specific account, industry, or size of business enables the B2B web site to move beyond brochure-ware.”

Users of CQ5 need no more software or infrastructure to start delivering a customized web experience to business visitors, the company asserted.

Day users can separate out high and low value prospects, increase engagement and conversion and make an immediately impact on the ROI across all their B2B marketing.

According to DemandBase, the real-time identification of key accounts is made possible by its Business Resolution Platform, which uses proprietary algorithms that intelligently combine a database of 800 million IP addresses across North America and Europe, over 30 million business contacts, and information from social networks critical for business including Facebook and LinkedIn.

The company said that this multi-tiered process ensures that ‘target accounts are identified’ in a fraction of a second and appended with the most current information, fully standardised for CRM and marketing automation systems.

The service is cloud-based and has matched more than 1 billion visits in 2010, the company said, and can currently identify more than 100 million businesses every month without even the use of traditional ‘cookies’ or by tracking personal information.

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EMC plums new depths in “big data” drive

It's the logotype of Greenplum

EMC Greenplum ramps up "big data" loading

EMC intros ‘Big Data’ computing system, Greenplum, boasts fastest data loading

ECM Plus – EMC has just introduced the new Greenplum Data Computing Appliance, an integrated data warehouse system using the Greenplum massively parallel processing (MPP) architecture.

According to the firm, Greenplum MPP enables organisations to handle massive amounts of data generated from various sources with twice the data loading speed of its nearest competitor, the company claimed.

EMC’s Greenplum data warehousing enables the “big data” clouds and self-service analytics, facilitating the storage, management and analysis of terabytes of data for faster business intelligence. According to EMC, Greenplum is the foundation of its new Data Computing Products Division, developing the analytic tools to address the “big data” phenomenon.

Greenplum is built using Greenplum Database 4.0, its parallel-everything architecture delivering data loading performance of 10 terabytes an hour, twice as fast as Oracle Exadata systems and five times as fast as systems from Netezza and Teradata, EMC said.

EMC said Greenplum also offered up to 3x more scalability and up to 4x as many database cores as competitive systems. Greenplum with its integrated database, can compute, store and network into an enterprise class, system and is available in half-rack, full-rack and multiple-rack configurations for terabyte to petabyte-scale requirements.

Integrated with EMC’s replication, backup and recovery and deduplication technologies for information protection.
Greenplum Database 4.0 is also shipping and available as a licensed software-only solution for deployment on industry standard x86 hardware and integrated infrastructure solutions, such as the Virtual Computing Environment (VCE) coalition Vblock Infrastructure Packages.

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Enterprise Semantic knowledge suite launched by Transinsight

New, Improved *Semantic* Web!

Semantic Web - by dullhunk

Search intelligence breaks new ground for organisations

ECMPlusby Paul Quigley — Transinsight has released the latest version of Enterprise Semantic Intelligence solution.

According to the company Transinsight’s Enterprise Semantic Intelligence Knowledge Suite offers semantic technologies that take the search process to new levels of efficiency.

  • “Over the last year we developed a new and highly scalable system comprising the latest algorithms. We made significant investments to be able to provide our clients with true innovations in the area of enterprise wide large scale information handling,” said Dr. Michael R. Alvers, CEO of Transinsight.

The new version of Enterprise Semantic Intelligence Knowledge Suite contains about 100 custom relevant improvements. The system can now deal with more than 100 million documents and vast background knowledge bases for several million concepts. An improved semi-automated knowledgebase generation is now available to customers that do not have their own ontologies or taxonomies available as background knowledge. Novel algorithms allow untrained users to develop ontologies in practically no time. Users are supported in the generation of terms, definitions, abbreviations, synonyms and relationships to other terms. The algorithms are thoroughly validated against manually developed ontologies and
achieve an agreement of 82% (fully automated.

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