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Also known as Content Delivery Networks: Content delivery products and technologies ensure content is accessible, and includes dedicated servers and networks and well as monitoring and delivery software. It can also solve speed and traffic issues related to information bottlenecks.

Mobile Content Revenues To Hit USD65 billion by 2016 – report

English: A variety of laptops, smartphones, ta...

A variety of laptops, smartphones, tablets and ebook readers arranged. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Juniper Research says tablet purchases, direct carrier billing implementation to fuel growth

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ Annual revenue generated from content delivered to mobile handsets and tablets is set to rise by nearly US$25bn over the next three years, reaching US$65bn by 2016, according to a new report from Juniper Research. Continue reading


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Flickr Killer? FSF backs MediaGoblin for free media sharing platform

Part of the official logo from the Free Softwa...

FSF backing MediaGoblin and StatusNet

FSF rallies support for GNU MediaGoblin to make media publishing free “as in freedom”

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus /London/ +++ The Free Software Foundation is backing the GNU MediaGoblin project’s fundraiser at – a community-developed free – as in freedom – software that enables users to share their experiences through photos, videos, and audio in a decentralised way.

MediaGoblin ‘sidesteps’ current media-publishing gatekeepers, FSF said. Continue reading

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Social media shunned by Euro CIOs as 67% block content

CIOs shunning video and social media

Europe’s chief information officers banning YouTube, Facebook, Twitter

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus /LONDON/ +++ European CIOs are shunning social media for business, according to a new study by Easynet and Ipanema Technologies.

The research study said that chief information officers are risking ‘alienating customers’, as well as ‘creating ineffective marketing strategies’, and ‘demotivating’ their staff and ‘eliminating’ their competitive edge. Continue reading

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Incumbents and Android set for doldrums – survey

Android x86

Doomed? reveals the 50 fastest growing online jobs for Q2 2012 – tables turn as Apple iOS accelerates, leaving Android in its dust; Google changes send Internet Marketing industry into panic; Businesses look to weather the economic downturn with BPO; Open Standards dominate the Fast 50 and Web; Facebook IPO fizzer spills over into fall in Social Media jobs.

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ According to outsourcing marketplace in its latest  Fast 50 survey for the second quarter of 2012 reveals some startling changes taking place.

The’s Fast 50 pulls data from over 4 million users and over 2.3 million projects to highlight the 50 fastest moving online job categories, creating the most comprehensive insight into online job trends. Continue reading

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French TV content to air on Britain’s screens

France 24

French connection

FRANCE 24 brings daily news to nation’s FreeviewHD on the Vision TV network

By ECM Plus Staff

ECM Plus +++ The French government-controlled news channel FRANCE 24 is now available in all British homes with compatible FreeviewHD-enabled televisions, broadcasting on the Vision TV Network.

It can be found on Channel 110. FRANCE 24 covers international current events providing the French perspective on world news. Continue reading

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New muzak model is music to the ears of British retailers

English: Stratford Shopping Centre.

EngIish shopping centre in Stratford

Licence-free background music service MusicStream claims millions in saving for retailers

By ECM Plus Staff

ECM Plus +++ MusicStream, a royalty-free music operator has just launches a new service which boasts to be an exclusively rights-free digital background music service.

According to the company, the music and management control features have been designed specifically for retail, leisure and hospitality business use. Continue reading

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Software giveaway brings Yuletide cheer

A stachue of santa clausYo-ho-ho! ‘Tis the season of goodwill to all men. has over ten grand’s worth of software to give away throughout December

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ DownloadBuyer, the online software store, is to give away £10,000 worth of software for Windows and Mac OS in their ‘Christmas Lucky Dip’ promotion.

Jon Silvera, managing director commented: “ continues to see strong growth. To celebrate, we pulled together a massive prize pot donated from participating vendors and are both proud and excited to pass these on to our customers as a thank you over the Christmas period. So along with many half price offers over Xmas there’ 50/50 chance to pick up a totally free product on top”. Continue reading

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Inventor pioneer joins fight against GPS tracking

Artist Interpretation of GPS satellite, image ...
GPS tracking abuse challenged in court

Coalition urges U.S. Supreme Court to block government abuse of surveillance technology

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ The principal inventor of the Global Positioning System (GPS) and other leading technologists have joined the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) in urging the U.S Supreme Court to block the government from using GPS tracking without first getting a warrant, arguing that the massive collection of sensitive location data should require court oversight. Continue reading

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BRITISH RIOTS: Blackberry content co-ordinates blitzkrieg strikes

BlackBerry Bold 9000 connected to T-Mobile USA...

RIM's Blackberry service under the microscope again

BREAKING NEWS: Encrypted Blackberry devices masterminding orchestrated strikes around the nation


ECM Plus +++ The ongoing riots and civil unrest escalating across Britain is being orchestrated by a sophisticated, encrypted messaging system, according to reports.

Neither Twitter nor Facebook social media networks are understood to have been used to organise the civil unrest and rioting raging across the country.

And, unlike in the Arab Spring rallies and protests around the Middle East over recent months, where Twitter in particular was cited as being a main part of the organisation of the pro-democracy movements, the British riots are using content distributed via the Messenger service on Research in Motion’s Blackberry handheld mobile communicators. Continue reading

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Video content delivery bursts forth for cloud and mobile

Person with PDA handheld device.

Going mobile - options for video content delivery

Video distribution to cloud and mobile delivery sees debut for Virtual Delivery Node platform

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ BurstPoint Networks has just unveiled its latest extramural cloud-centric service which it said can extend the content management and distribution paradigm via its novel ‘Video Communication Platform’ or VCP, to what it calls ‘beyond on-premise networks to cloud-based environments’.

According to the Massachusetts firm, the VCP Virtual Delivery Node also proffers a gateway appliance to the cloud service and uses a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to deliver on-demand video content to end-users. Continue reading

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Stream of concert-ness? Creatives go live with streaming media

Roundhouse - Camden

Streaming at the Roundhouse: What goes around comes around

Underground reaches the internet masses


ECM Plus +++ Creative directors and musicians are collaborating live to an online stadium-sized audience as digital streaming experts StreamUK have are joining forces with the Camden Roundhouse for directors and musicians to offer an internet audience the size of Wembley Stadium.  Continue reading

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Hollywood is dead? Long live online content – Ollie Stone

Ollie Stone and friends at vzaar wax lyrical about online video content

From silver screen to touchscreen, online video causing a revolution in the the movie industry. (Picture: L-R: vzaar’s Ken Moss, Oliver Stone, vzaar CEO Stephen McCluskey. (c) ECM Plus)

British online video platform streaming hits HD


ECM Plus +++ Hollywood film director Oliver Stone, npw a shareholder in the British-based online video delivery platform vzaar, said this week he now believes the internet is becoming an rising ‘force in the world of film’. Continue reading

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Content cognoscenti to stream into the Big Apple

Broadway show billboards at the corner of 7th ...
Content cognoscenti to converge on the Big Apple

Streaming Media East conference proffers access to more than two dozen broadband-enabled devices and content platforms

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ Those who take the long and winding road over to city that never sleeps and is so good they named it twice will get a lot more than they bargained for with such things as real hands-on with many new hardware devices and content platforms providing the ultimate over-the-top video experiences.

Such a promise is to be had by all at this year’s Streaming Media East 2011 conference and expo set to feature a new special ‘Broadband Device Pavilion’ on the show floor. Continue reading

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WEEKEND PLUS: Endavo goes over the top with Internap content delivery

Image representing Internap as depicted in Cru...

CDNs on the march for streaming and content services

Content delivery network for over-the-top video services

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ Over-the-top video services provider Endavo Media has just opted to use Internap’s route-optimised Content Delivery Network (CDN) to offer live and on-demand video streaming services.

According to the firm, it hopes to support new business from clients as diverse as telcos, broadcasters, content providers and marketing agencies.

Endavo said its offering is now for clients whose business is to manage, distribute and monetise digital media including live and on-demand video, audio and pictures.  Continue reading

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ETSI member to moot CDNs and IPTV at CDN World Forum

Modell av IPTV-arkitektur. Laget i Visio.
Model IPTV network architecture

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ Dr. M. Oskar van Deventer of TNO and ETSI, the European Telecommunications Standards Institute, will be discussing content delivery networks at the CDN World Forum taking place on the 21st and 22nd of June at Olympia, London.

According to the organisers, ETSI’s globally-applicable standards for ICT, which include fixed, mobile, radio, converged, broadcast and internet technologies, will now hear from Oskar van Deventer, who is an ETSI member, who will be discussing ETSI standards for CDNs and their interconnection with IPTV and other content delivery networks. Continue reading

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NAB SHOW: Content delivery Mesh-up makes a splash with Digital Rapids

Image representing Digital Rapids as depicted ...

Content delivery apps packaged with Digital Rapid's MediaMesh

Digital Rapids previews new contribution extensions for MediaMesh content delivery system


ECM Plus +++ /LAS VEGAS/ – Booth SL6010 – Digital Rapids is showing new extension to the MediaMesh B2B content delivery system at NAB.

According to the company, MediaMesh TX content contribution appliance now offers content packaging and sending capabilities mirroring features of MediaMesh RX’s receiving appliance.  Continue reading

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NAB SHOW: TV content session tackles mainstream media miasma

NAB Show Floor

NAB Show in Las Vegas

Session to examine distribution of TV content across new platforms


ECM Plus +++ This year’s NAB Show is to take on the challenging issues of the day in mass media, with a new super session given over to what it calls the ‘Connected TV’, which is set to feature industry pundits opining on their take on a ‘new Internet’ and the video devices that are impacting the maisntream media’s television fate.

2011’s  NAB Show promises quite a paradigm shift for content creators with the debut of a the Super Session examining the new ways in which content is delivered to people and the ramifications such developments have on the mainstream media TV’s future.  Continue reading

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Creatives get the picture with new media content workflow

Banks of monitors at the CNN centre

Workflow optimisation for media enterprise content. Picture: Francis Storr

Telestream’s Vantage Enterprise proffes unified workflow, video content collaboration


ECM Plus +++ At this week’s NAB event digital media workflow specialist vendor Telestream will be taking the wraps off its new Vantage Enterprise workflow offerings.

The company said this new version of Vantage server-based workflow software now automates content ingest, video file interoperability, multi-channel distribution, as well as other video production workflows for content owners and creators, broadcast and new media companies. Continue reading

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Mozilla Firefox sallies fourth into browser hegemony

Firefox: Insurgent burning down the established order

Firefox insurgency burning down the ancien regime

Open source web browswer Firefox 4 eclipses Internet Explorer 9 – StatCounter


ECM Plus +++ Insurgent Internet web browser player Mozilla Firefox has just launched Version 4 of its popular web software, and according to independent webstat bellwether StatCounter, has already nabbed 1.95 percent of the worldwide Internet browser user base.

StatCounter reports that on the first day of Firefox 4’s official release yesterday, it scored higher globally than even the new Internet Explorer Version 9 which was launched over a week ago. Continue reading

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OpenText enters market for mobile apps

Open Text headquarter buildings

ECM behemoth speeds up mobile programming with weComm acquisition


ECM Plus –  OpenText has acquired the London-based firm weComm

According to the content giant, the move into the mobility market will help it to offer customers a platform to sell mobile apps across the multitude of mobile operating systems and devices to reach their customers, consumers or partners. Continue reading

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NEWS: Turning Japanese: Sitecore CMS goes cloud for MSN’s photo portal in Japan

國光石化環評第四次專案小組會議前守夜晚會  1/26/2011


MSN Sankei launches new photo archive in the cloud


ECM Plus +++ Microsoft’s Japanese media outlet MSN Sankei News has just taken the wraps off its cloud-based service to operate its photograph publishing and sharing site. 

According to CMS vendor Sitecore, using the Windows Azure platform for the content delivery and management of Sitecore’s software, MSN Sankei News was able create and launch the photo site in ten weeks. Continue reading

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Archive2Go cloud-based media service links to CloudChannel

Image representing RTG Ventures as depicted in...

RTG's Archive2Go links into CloudChannel

RTG Ventures’ media business RTG Media launching a cloud-based content management service, 


ECM Plus – According to the RTG Ventures, the new Archive2Go service is aimed at corporations that own digital media content with a secure way of managing media with access from any internet enabled device.

RTG said that / would offer a round-the-clock catalogueing and archiving service with automatic back-up.

ArchiveGo also boasts a single-click interconnect to CloudChannel, RTG Media’s auto-syndication and monetization application,

CloudChannel is a platform supporting media owners’ content to monetize it directly from their own archive.

Colin Burgess, RTG Media’s technology director, commented: “ was borne out of the needs we identified while working with record labels on the CloudChannel product and because of my specific expertise, we were able to create a solution very quickly.”

Added Burgess: “I don’t think we’ve come across a single company in our space that doesn’t like the idea of what CloudChannel can do for them, but many organizations don’t have their whole back catalogue in good enough shape to be able to take advantage of its unique monetization methods. It quickly became clear that there was a role for us in organizing the catalogues prior to monetizing them and to do that, we needed a tool. Meeting another unidentified business need will give RTG an additional source of revenue and illustrates one of our core values of being opportunity driven. This new technology will act as a stepping stone towards full integration with CloudChannel.”

Burgess also said that when they could not find a solution at the right price to buy, the company decided to build its own and that it had been so well received, that the company is now opening it up to the wider market by selling it online as a web application. “For our core markets, we’re wrapping a service layer around the product providing not just the technical infrastructure, but also the people they need to get their assets properly cataloged and archived” Burgess added.

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CellStrat’s Mobile App Conclave expo heralds monetization

Solar Eclipse, New Delhi

Image by *Santosh via Flickr

CellStrat Announces Mobile Apps Conclave on January 21, 2011 in New Delhi

ECM Plus – Mobile Apps Conclave, the conference organised by CellStrat is this Friday 21st January at the India Habitat Centre in New Delhi, India.

Mobile Apps, App Stores and the Mobile Internet – the new technology phenomenon. An App for this, an App for that. You name the task – there is an App for that. The Mobile Internet has arrived and arrived big time, riding the bandwagon of Mobile Apps. iPhone revolutionized the concept of App Stores and now all major Tech behemoths have picked up on that theme. Whether it is business, marketing, entertainment, customer care or literally anything else, everything and everybody has an App for that, or is working on creating one).

App Economy is the new Economy. People, Institutions, Companies, Media – all are consuming Apps, developing Apps or orchestrating Apps. Social Networks are getting appified, Businesses need App Marketing, Agencies are using Apps for Audience Engagement, People are living their lives on Apps. It is all about Mobile Apps, App Stores and the new face of the Global Internet – The Mobile Web. The most ubiquitous and personal Digital Channel of all times – the Mobile Device has unleashed the next wave of creative evolution – the Business of Apps and App Stores.

First keynote will be delivered by Sanjay Swamy, the head – of Mobile Strategy, UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) – Govt of India. UID is one of the most ambitious initiatives by the Govt of India. Sanjay will talk about the new opportunities in Mobile Space related to the UID initiative.

There is a panel on the theme of “Apps Everywhere : Apps as Engagement, Media and Commerce Platforms”. This panel will discuss the upcoming Mobile App revolution, what works and what doesn’t in the App world and the scope of the same in Indian parlance vs abroad. This panel will bring together brands and vertical industry experts who are leveraging the Mobile Web and Mobile Apps for Service, Engagement and Commerce.

After the first panel, there will be a talk by Google’s Country Manager on how Mobile Apps are influencing the Mobile Advertising streams, creating new Business Models for Brands and Media to ride the bandwagon of Apps and Mobile Web, all the way into customers’ hearts, minds and pocketbooks.

In the afternoon session, there will be a Fireside Chat between a Telecom Industry visionary Mr N K Goyal and Vishal Singhal of CellStrat. N K Goyal is the President of CMAI and one of the foremost leaders and evangelist in Telecom and Wireless verticals in India. This session will discuss the state of Mobile Industry in India and its drivers of growth.

Later in the afternoon, there will be two more panels which will delve into App Monetization, App Marketing and what’s in store for the future Mobile Innovations. The Mobile App Strategy session will delve into the complex problem of App Marketing and Monetization strategy. The Mobile Innovation panel will discuss the impact of Mobile Web, the Rise of Tables, Broadband Mobility and related advancements in the Mobile world.

Afternoon session will also see a Keynote from a senior Executive from the top mobile company of India – Nokia. This session will provide insights into the use of Mobile Apps in the Enterprise verticals like Supply Chain and Order Management.

Overall, it promises to be an action-packed event. Partners includes Presentation Sharing Partner is authorSTREAM on which all the presentations by CellStrat, event speakers, exhibitors and partners can be found. The Mobile App Partner, Hazel Media is providing an event app for this conference. Whereas the Mobility Partner, MobiVite is providing a Mobile WAP site for the same. Thus, true to its name, info on Mobile Apps Conclave is universally available across all Mobile platforms.

Nokia Tej and AgileCO are the Gold Sponsors for this conference and it is also supported by partners like CMAI and Indian Angel Network (IAN). Media Partners include the prominent magazine Voice&Data, online media firm, and also Business Wire India as the News Distribution Partner.

Lastly, CellStrat is also organizing an interesting Mobile Solutions Expo where some innovative app companies will be exhibiting their apps and solutions. This Expo promises to dazzle the audience with some interesting apps and solutions in mobile space.

Details of the event are available at

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Tarsin and Media Exchange ink mobile licensing deal

Mobile web standards evolution

Mobile web standards evolution

Firms partner for push into mobility publishing markets


ECMPlus – Media Exchange Group and Tarsin have executed a definitive Capsa Platform Licensing Agreement, giving Media Exchange Group access to the mobile publishing world.

Tarsin, a mobile publisher, provides a widget-like framework to design mobile offerings.

According to the companies, Tarsin’s Capsa platform will provide a versatile framework for brands to design and deliver mobile experiences to the mobile marketplace. Capsa is a mobile content delivery solution available that is based on web-standards and is carrier, operating system, and device agnostic.

“The services and social networking solutions that Media Exchange Group are developing for release globally are needed in the market place, and needed by the online and mobile consumer,” said John Osborne, CEO of Tarsin.

“As mobile becomes the priority for 2011, we are excited about the opportunities and potential the Capsa platform now provides to Media Exchange Group, a one stop shop for turn key multi-platform mobile solutions company,” said Baer.

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