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SharePoint gets sixth sense with DocAve for enterprise content

AvePoint at TechDays 2010 Winnipeg

Image: John Bristowe

DocAve platform extends management and governance for SharePoint 2010

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ AvePoint has just released DocAve 6 enterprise-management platform for SharePoint governance.

According to the company, new in Version are increases in business productivity, reduces total cost of ownership, and IT assurance to enable security and compliance for enterprise content. Continue reading

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Archive2Go cloud-based media service links to CloudChannel

Image representing RTG Ventures as depicted in...

RTG's Archive2Go links into CloudChannel

RTG Ventures’ media business RTG Media launching a cloud-based content management service, 


ECM Plus – According to the RTG Ventures, the new Archive2Go service is aimed at corporations that own digital media content with a secure way of managing media with access from any internet enabled device.

RTG said that / would offer a round-the-clock catalogueing and archiving service with automatic back-up.

ArchiveGo also boasts a single-click interconnect to CloudChannel, RTG Media’s auto-syndication and monetization application,

CloudChannel is a platform supporting media owners’ content to monetize it directly from their own archive.

Colin Burgess, RTG Media’s technology director, commented: “ was borne out of the needs we identified while working with record labels on the CloudChannel product and because of my specific expertise, we were able to create a solution very quickly.”

Added Burgess: “I don’t think we’ve come across a single company in our space that doesn’t like the idea of what CloudChannel can do for them, but many organizations don’t have their whole back catalogue in good enough shape to be able to take advantage of its unique monetization methods. It quickly became clear that there was a role for us in organizing the catalogues prior to monetizing them and to do that, we needed a tool. Meeting another unidentified business need will give RTG an additional source of revenue and illustrates one of our core values of being opportunity driven. This new technology will act as a stepping stone towards full integration with CloudChannel.”

Burgess also said that when they could not find a solution at the right price to buy, the company decided to build its own and that it had been so well received, that the company is now opening it up to the wider market by selling it online as a web application. “For our core markets, we’re wrapping a service layer around the product providing not just the technical infrastructure, but also the people they need to get their assets properly cataloged and archived” Burgess added.

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War is over: paywalls-vs-ads impasse brokered by ‘Cleeng’

discussing content management systems for websites

Discussing CMS for websites: Picture - Shira Golding

Paywall versus ads debate is history


ECM Plus +++ Cleeng has begun seeding its latest content monetization solution to beta testers on the WordPress platform. Cleeng is a patented cloud-based service for Content Management Systems that provides a way of collecting micro-payments when customers access online content,

According to Cleeng, the new system is a ‘missing link’ between online adverts and subscription paywalls. It claims to open a new revenue stream for publishers and is compatible with existing CMS and subscription models.

It also enables customers to buy content whilst mobile with a single click, without needing to be a site subscriber.

“In the quest to monetize content, online ads and subscription paywalls have shown their limits. We saw that there was room for a high-volume, low-unit cost solution for paid-for content that provides a service to both users and publishers alike,” said Gilles Domartini, founder of Cleeng. “We’ve invented a frictionless, unified content acquisition system that’s a breeze to integrate and leaves content visible to search engines.”

Cleeng enables publishers to define which part of their content is available to Cleeng users and the figure for each content item. Content items can be priced at between £0.12 to £0.83. Apparently, all but ‘a fraction’ of the revenue is retained by the publisher. Cleeng is technology-neutral and will function on all web browsers.

When published, the content item is hidden behind a secure Cleeng layer on the publisher’s website, and the page remains completely visible to search engines. The Cleeng layer is embedded in the HTML, so the content is always under the publisher’s control.

However, users must register using their Facebook, Yahoo! or Google accounts, and then can, as Cleeng calls it ‘experience content acquisition’ five times for free on any registered publishers. Users can pay for their content items with usual credit cards as well as Skype credit. Content appears instantly and is available for unlimited usage, on any of their devices.  

Cleeng said it would be available for other Content Management Systems, including Drupal, Joomla and Brightcove.

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