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Mobile Content Revenues To Hit USD65 billion by 2016 – report

English: A variety of laptops, smartphones, ta...

A variety of laptops, smartphones, tablets and ebook readers arranged. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Juniper Research says tablet purchases, direct carrier billing implementation to fuel growth

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ Annual revenue generated from content delivered to mobile handsets and tablets is set to rise by nearly US$25bn over the next three years, reaching US$65bn by 2016, according to a new report from Juniper Research. Continue reading


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Renewal of smartphone jailbreaking and video remixing rights

Apple iPhone 3GS, Motorola Milestone and LG GW60

Jailbreaking now ok for ‘smart’ phones

Copyright Office Announces Exemptions to Mitigate DMCA Harms

San Francisco – The Electronic Frontier Foundation has won renewal of critical exemptions to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) in a new ruling, including the upholding of jailbreaking rights for smartphones – and new and expanded legal protections for video remixing. Continue reading

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StarForce updates audio and video content protection app

The original logo.

Plus ca change: Media copyright issues have been around for years

Updated version for audio/visual content protection and licensing

By ECM Plus staf

ECM Plus +++ StarForce has just released an updated version of FrontLine Audio/Video, the professional software app for protecting audio and video content from unauthorised copying and distribution. Continue reading

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Image bank proffers freebie pix content for creatives

Photo album

Image: For Inspiration Only via Flickr

Kiosked image bank to monetize online content

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ In-content online ad platform provider Kiosked has launched a ‘free’ Image Bank that the company said can enable online publishers and creatives to earn on the acquisitive ‘impulses’ their content may engender.

According to the company, the free app can can be freely downloaded and creators get paid for their images. Apparently, the Kiosked Image Bank is free to use without infringing any copyrights, the company said. Continue reading

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IBC 2011: AV watermarking measurement set to probe audiences

An image with visible digital watermarking. Th...

Media watermarking

Axon and Civolution launch broadcast watermarking 

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ Civolution watermarking technology added to AXON’s Synapse product line to open new potential in audience measurement and media interaction

Dutch AV firm Axon Digital Design has just partnered with Civolution in a deal to that the two firms hope will integrate digital watermarking for audience measurement. Continue reading

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Content cognoscenti to stream into the Big Apple

Broadway show billboards at the corner of 7th ...
Content cognoscenti to converge on the Big Apple

Streaming Media East conference proffers access to more than two dozen broadband-enabled devices and content platforms

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ Those who take the long and winding road over to city that never sleeps and is so good they named it twice will get a lot more than they bargained for with such things as real hands-on with many new hardware devices and content platforms providing the ultimate over-the-top video experiences.

Such a promise is to be had by all at this year’s Streaming Media East 2011 conference and expo set to feature a new special ‘Broadband Device Pavilion’ on the show floor. Continue reading

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Mobile: the real deal for web content vendors?

Hand Holding a Mobile Phone

Hands-on: mobile calling for web content vendors via HTML5?

Web content management vendors are making only halting moves towards mobile-enabling applications

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ Web content management vendors need to apply significant resources to mobile services over the next year, according to The Real Story Group.

In new research by their analysts, it states that many Web CMS tools can generate outputs for different mobile formats, often via functionality that renders alternate templates for different devices. Continue reading

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Streaming Media heads East adds Content Delivery Summit

Streaming Media East

150+ speakers to showcase latest streaming media business models at Streaming Media East in New York City, plus dedicated tracks for HTML5 and content platforms

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ The Streaming Media East Exhibition and Conference will be held May 10th to 11th at the Hilton New York in Manhattan.

The Streaming Media East event is aimed at media owners, broadcasters, viral video creators, online marketers, ad agencies, educators, application developers and those creatives for whom the latest online video technologies and business models are important to them.  Continue reading

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NAB SHOW: TV content session tackles mainstream media miasma

NAB Show Floor

NAB Show in Las Vegas

Session to examine distribution of TV content across new platforms


ECM Plus +++ This year’s NAB Show is to take on the challenging issues of the day in mass media, with a new super session given over to what it calls the ‘Connected TV’, which is set to feature industry pundits opining on their take on a ‘new Internet’ and the video devices that are impacting the maisntream media’s television fate.

2011’s  NAB Show promises quite a paradigm shift for content creators with the debut of a the Super Session examining the new ways in which content is delivered to people and the ramifications such developments have on the mainstream media TV’s future.  Continue reading

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Content management goes intergalactic

Content goes out of this world on a Falcon 9 Heavy

SpaceX slates launch date for world’s most powerful rocket

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ When it comes to real content management, Spacex’s Falcon Heavy payload shifting rocket system is the big one, set to hoist more than twice as much content spacewards as any other launch vehicle ever.

Elon Musk, CEO and chief rocket designer for Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) unveiled the dramatic final specifications and launch date for the Falcon Heavy, the world’s largest rocket. Continue reading

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Mobile movie content downloads to reach 18 billion by 2015

Mobile date on the rise, again...

Mobile devices to generate data traffic equivalent to 18 billion movie downloads by 2015


ECM Plus +++ Pressure on mobile phone networks, however, will begin to ease as 63 percent of traffic, nearly 9,000 petabytes, moves across to wi-Fi and femtocell networks, the report said.  Continue reading

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VIDEO: Digital Content Monetisation Europe 2011 – Review

Content monetisation events garners widespread suppor

ECM Plus – Last January, Europe’s media and content owners met in London to discuss the one question on everyone’s mind: how can you generate revenue from digital content?

Digital Content Monetisation Europe focussed on key changes that can be made by organisations to a digital value chain in order to contribute to solid digital ROI.

Over 300 attendees joined over 60 senior expert speakers from across music, film, broadcasting, publishing, gaming and sports to uncover successful strategies. Continue reading

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Mobile music subs to hit 178m by 2015

John on Mobile Phone
Mobile music lovers rising up. Image:

From Bollywood musicals to lovers of jazz, classical, metal and all genres



ECM Plus – A new report is predicting that the number of mobile customers who are prepared to pay a monthly subscription to music via download or by streaming, may reach 178 million people by the  year 2015.

This represents, the report by Juniper Research said, over three times as many people currently subscribed to such music services last year. Continue reading

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Vaizey to keynote at digital media moot

BAFTA 2008
Image via Wikipedia

Digital content creators to convene at BAFTA in monetization initiative

ECM Plus – /Manchester/ +++ D-Media Network is hosting a digital media conference at BAFTA next week from 29th to the 30th of March to thrash out how to generate an income.

According to D-Media, culture secretary Edward Vaizey will be giving a keynote speech at the launch event, to be held at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts on Piccadilly in London. Continue reading

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Content monetization set for long tail of COMET

Wipro Floating learning Centre, Electronic Cit...

Wipro's floating, learning centre in India

Wipro launches digital content monetization COMET for media and telecommunications providers


ECM Plus – Wipro Technologies has launched a new system dubbed as COMET, a digital content monetization system which claims to help media and telecommunications companies to implement novel content offerings,

According to the Indian company, COMET is targetted at publishers as well as telcos, and entertainment studios, music labels, and TV and cable networks. Continue reading

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Upcoming UK Census data offshoring destined for more debacles

Divisions of the United Kingdom

ONS offshoring Briton's personal data for £150m

Report reveals 2011 UK Census of private data set to go offshore to foreign agencies, increasing probability of yet more Government-sanctioned personal data breaches

ECM Plus – A new Guardian report indicates that the British Government’s Office of National Statistics is to pay a foreign agency £150 million in taxpayer money to undertake the collection and processing of Britain’s families and personal income data, with new extra questions in this year’s Census demanding to know the details of sources of incomes as well as additional personal data in the 32-page questionnaire, now destined to go offshore in the government cutbacks and ‘efficiency-savings’ outsourcing deal. Continue reading

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Archive2Go cloud-based media service links to CloudChannel

Image representing RTG Ventures as depicted in...

RTG's Archive2Go links into CloudChannel

RTG Ventures’ media business RTG Media launching a cloud-based content management service, 


ECM Plus – According to the RTG Ventures, the new Archive2Go service is aimed at corporations that own digital media content with a secure way of managing media with access from any internet enabled device.

RTG said that / would offer a round-the-clock catalogueing and archiving service with automatic back-up.

ArchiveGo also boasts a single-click interconnect to CloudChannel, RTG Media’s auto-syndication and monetization application,

CloudChannel is a platform supporting media owners’ content to monetize it directly from their own archive.

Colin Burgess, RTG Media’s technology director, commented: “ was borne out of the needs we identified while working with record labels on the CloudChannel product and because of my specific expertise, we were able to create a solution very quickly.”

Added Burgess: “I don’t think we’ve come across a single company in our space that doesn’t like the idea of what CloudChannel can do for them, but many organizations don’t have their whole back catalogue in good enough shape to be able to take advantage of its unique monetization methods. It quickly became clear that there was a role for us in organizing the catalogues prior to monetizing them and to do that, we needed a tool. Meeting another unidentified business need will give RTG an additional source of revenue and illustrates one of our core values of being opportunity driven. This new technology will act as a stepping stone towards full integration with CloudChannel.”

Burgess also said that when they could not find a solution at the right price to buy, the company decided to build its own and that it had been so well received, that the company is now opening it up to the wider market by selling it online as a web application. “For our core markets, we’re wrapping a service layer around the product providing not just the technical infrastructure, but also the people they need to get their assets properly cataloged and archived” Burgess added.

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Social media mayhem as monetisation hawks set to swoop

Quel ricco sfondato di Mark Zuckerberg, founde...

From community collaboration to corporate cash cow?

Brands set To shift from community building to monetisation in social media in 2011


ECM Plus – It was only a matter of time. With many brands focused on building social communities in the past, their focus is shifting towards how they can make money out of these communities and social channels and social activities in 2011, says Punch Communications.

According to their research, launching a Facebook store will continue to enable brands to continue discussion with followers and fans, while also customers can buy and share products with friends and write reviews, Punch stated.

Holly Henstock at Punch added: ‘Brands have and are continuing to integrate social media channels within campaigns, alongside other channels. However with some brands now beginning to sell directly via Facebook apps such as the Facebook store, it looks likely that those brands who have invested so heavily in community building will begin to look at how they can make a return on investment. Clearly the main issue is how to do so without undermining the community itself – and it’s certain that some consumers will reject the concept of being sold to via brand pages. Nevertheless, the process is inevitable and looks set to create an interesting dynamic over the coming six to twelve months.”

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Much ado about something in video content monetization

Image representing AdoTube as depicted in Crun...

Much ado about something...

AdoTube partners with FreeWheel for monetization of premium video content


ECMPlus – In-video platform specialist AdoTube has just been named by video monetization technology company FreeWheel as a one partner to stream ad formats and premium ads in conjunction with FreeWheel’s monetization rights management.

AdoTube helps publishers use their own sales teams to sell AdoTube’s multiple innovative in-stream ad formats, while also enabling them to opt-in to AdoTube’s premium ad network.

“The result should be higher standards and improved operations industry-wide.”
.Certified Partner status further ensures that AdoTube has met a substantial set of criteria that allows FreeWheel to vouch for AdoTube’s technology and solutions. FreeWheel requires companies to fully adhere to industry standards set forth by the Interactive Advertising Bureau, as well as an additional set of FreeWheel-specified criteria.

“This program is a way for us to work with our valued partners like AdoTube to continue to strive for the best levels of support, integration, and operational excellence on behalf of our mutual clients,” said Brent Horowitz, vice president of business development at FreeWheel. “The result should be higher standards and improved operations industry-wide.”

AdoTube has a systems integration in place with FreeWheel giving shared clients access to its robust advertising platform as a way to help monetize inventory and power in-video advertising.

“FreeWheel Certified Partner status highlights our continued commitment to creating the best possible advertising platform for publishers, validating our goal to help clients make the most of their in-video inventory” added Craig Aron, VP Business Development at AdoTube.

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CellStrat’s Mobile App Conclave expo heralds monetization

Solar Eclipse, New Delhi

Image by *Santosh via Flickr

CellStrat Announces Mobile Apps Conclave on January 21, 2011 in New Delhi

ECM Plus – Mobile Apps Conclave, the conference organised by CellStrat is this Friday 21st January at the India Habitat Centre in New Delhi, India.

Mobile Apps, App Stores and the Mobile Internet – the new technology phenomenon. An App for this, an App for that. You name the task – there is an App for that. The Mobile Internet has arrived and arrived big time, riding the bandwagon of Mobile Apps. iPhone revolutionized the concept of App Stores and now all major Tech behemoths have picked up on that theme. Whether it is business, marketing, entertainment, customer care or literally anything else, everything and everybody has an App for that, or is working on creating one).

App Economy is the new Economy. People, Institutions, Companies, Media – all are consuming Apps, developing Apps or orchestrating Apps. Social Networks are getting appified, Businesses need App Marketing, Agencies are using Apps for Audience Engagement, People are living their lives on Apps. It is all about Mobile Apps, App Stores and the new face of the Global Internet – The Mobile Web. The most ubiquitous and personal Digital Channel of all times – the Mobile Device has unleashed the next wave of creative evolution – the Business of Apps and App Stores.

First keynote will be delivered by Sanjay Swamy, the head – of Mobile Strategy, UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) – Govt of India. UID is one of the most ambitious initiatives by the Govt of India. Sanjay will talk about the new opportunities in Mobile Space related to the UID initiative.

There is a panel on the theme of “Apps Everywhere : Apps as Engagement, Media and Commerce Platforms”. This panel will discuss the upcoming Mobile App revolution, what works and what doesn’t in the App world and the scope of the same in Indian parlance vs abroad. This panel will bring together brands and vertical industry experts who are leveraging the Mobile Web and Mobile Apps for Service, Engagement and Commerce.

After the first panel, there will be a talk by Google’s Country Manager on how Mobile Apps are influencing the Mobile Advertising streams, creating new Business Models for Brands and Media to ride the bandwagon of Apps and Mobile Web, all the way into customers’ hearts, minds and pocketbooks.

In the afternoon session, there will be a Fireside Chat between a Telecom Industry visionary Mr N K Goyal and Vishal Singhal of CellStrat. N K Goyal is the President of CMAI and one of the foremost leaders and evangelist in Telecom and Wireless verticals in India. This session will discuss the state of Mobile Industry in India and its drivers of growth.

Later in the afternoon, there will be two more panels which will delve into App Monetization, App Marketing and what’s in store for the future Mobile Innovations. The Mobile App Strategy session will delve into the complex problem of App Marketing and Monetization strategy. The Mobile Innovation panel will discuss the impact of Mobile Web, the Rise of Tables, Broadband Mobility and related advancements in the Mobile world.

Afternoon session will also see a Keynote from a senior Executive from the top mobile company of India – Nokia. This session will provide insights into the use of Mobile Apps in the Enterprise verticals like Supply Chain and Order Management.

Overall, it promises to be an action-packed event. Partners includes Presentation Sharing Partner is authorSTREAM on which all the presentations by CellStrat, event speakers, exhibitors and partners can be found. The Mobile App Partner, Hazel Media is providing an event app for this conference. Whereas the Mobility Partner, MobiVite is providing a Mobile WAP site for the same. Thus, true to its name, info on Mobile Apps Conclave is universally available across all Mobile platforms.

Nokia Tej and AgileCO are the Gold Sponsors for this conference and it is also supported by partners like CMAI and Indian Angel Network (IAN). Media Partners include the prominent magazine Voice&Data, online media firm, and also Business Wire India as the News Distribution Partner.

Lastly, CellStrat is also organizing an interesting Mobile Solutions Expo where some innovative app companies will be exhibiting their apps and solutions. This Expo promises to dazzle the audience with some interesting apps and solutions in mobile space.

Details of the event are available at

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Tarsin and Media Exchange ink mobile licensing deal

Mobile web standards evolution

Mobile web standards evolution

Firms partner for push into mobility publishing markets


ECMPlus – Media Exchange Group and Tarsin have executed a definitive Capsa Platform Licensing Agreement, giving Media Exchange Group access to the mobile publishing world.

Tarsin, a mobile publisher, provides a widget-like framework to design mobile offerings.

According to the companies, Tarsin’s Capsa platform will provide a versatile framework for brands to design and deliver mobile experiences to the mobile marketplace. Capsa is a mobile content delivery solution available that is based on web-standards and is carrier, operating system, and device agnostic.

“The services and social networking solutions that Media Exchange Group are developing for release globally are needed in the market place, and needed by the online and mobile consumer,” said John Osborne, CEO of Tarsin.

“As mobile becomes the priority for 2011, we are excited about the opportunities and potential the Capsa platform now provides to Media Exchange Group, a one stop shop for turn key multi-platform mobile solutions company,” said Baer.

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W3i ups ante in app discovery monetization

Image representing W3i  as depicted in CrunchBase

W3i's ad payments ups ante for monetisation

Monetisation methods multiply as firm takes on ad payment challenge 


ECMPlus – W3i has just launched a new so-called ‘Ad-Funded Payment Platform’ which it claims provides a customisable solution for developers looking for app discovery or monetization.

According to W3i, with over 300,000 apps in the App Store and virtual goods revenue projected to pass $2 billion in the US this year, the Ad-Funded Payment Platform purports to help iOS app developers achieve their discovery and monetization goals.

It said the Ad-Funded Payment Platform could provide customisable offer interfaces for publishers and intelligent reporting for developers. The product is driven by W3i’s proprietary InstallIQ software, optimised on 500 million downloads, the company said.

“The W3i Ad-Funded Payment Platform provides publishers an opportunity to monetize and drive their virtual goods transactions in a branded offer wall experience, while giving advertisers powerful insights and control into their marketing campaigns through sophisticated campaign dashboards. Users get free apps” added Andy Johnson, CEO at W3i.

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Mobtron touts mobile business website creator

Mobile phone evolution

Size isn't everything

Free site product for businness users for mobile advertising, marketing


ECMPlus – Mobile web development platform has just launched a new module which enables any enterprise to create their mobile site for free, together with free hosting and backups.

According to the firm, anyone willing will also be provided professional advice by experienced mobile sites developers – and free of charge.

Mobtron provides mobile website developers with detailed statistics, access to a range of monetization functions, from mobile advertising networks integration to SMS payments.

“Our goal is to make the mobile website development simple and accessible to all” commented Mobtron’s technical development manager Sarunas Davalga. “Users select the desired option, drops it into the site and at once may observe how the site has changed. Thousands of individual users have successfully used the platform already, but with our latest add-on Mobtron has become an excellent tool for companies and businesses.”

Mobtron can be used both by companies wishing to create a representative mobile site of their business and especially by media agencies looking for means to offer their customers unique and cost-effective online mobile advertising solutions.

According to the company, all sites created using Mobtron are optimized for search engines and adapted for various models of mobile devices – including the most modern smart phones. Sites can also be created or edited using mobile phone only.

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Santeon partners RadioactiveGiant for content delivery and monetization

Poster for independent film 'Ennui'

Poster for independent film 'Ennui'

Santeon inks content distribution deal with RadioactiveGiant

ECM Plus – Santeon has signed a content distribution agreement with RadioactiveGiant to enable to distribute content on RadioactiveGiant’s multichannel network reaching over 30 million Internet-enabled devices in the US and over 100 million worldwide.

According to the two firms, the agreement will also provide UBFilm with access to RadioactiveGiant’s independent film library of over 20,000 titles, which will be distributed on the portal.

Santeon said they and RadioactiveGiant planned to collaborate on content monetization and promotion strategies for the collective content offerings. Santeon Media will integrate RadioactiveGiant’s independent content and ad network with’s content management and authentication platform that will provide reliable and secure content delivery supporting a variety of business models.

“We believe signing the agreement with RadioactiveGiant will bring significant and immediate value to the customer as well as film viewers who will soon have instant access to over 20,000 films in addition to our growing library of films. We are very excited to have a partnership with RadioactiveGiant and believe that it will bring mutual value for both organizations,” commented Ash Rofail, CEO, Santeon Group, Inc.

“Digital media has opened direct distribution channel opportunities to develop new business models, content discovery, and audience development programs for both established and emerging independent filmmaker. We are pleased to have formed this alliance with Santeon’s UBFilm, which we believe will provide independent filmmakers more opportunities to fund, produce and promote their films with worldwide distribution,” commented Albert Sandoval, CEO, RadioactiveGiant.

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