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News agencies, publishing houses and online communities are moving towards becoming content providers as the need for third-party content becomes greater than ever. The ease at which content can be integrated into a page has created a new market for cost-effective editorial services.

Renewal of smartphone jailbreaking and video remixing rights

Apple iPhone 3GS, Motorola Milestone and LG GW60

Jailbreaking now ok for ‘smart’ phones

Copyright Office Announces Exemptions to Mitigate DMCA Harms

San Francisco – The Electronic Frontier Foundation has won renewal of critical exemptions to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) in a new ruling, including the upholding of jailbreaking rights for smartphones – and new and expanded legal protections for video remixing. Continue reading


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Image bank proffers freebie pix content for creatives

Photo album

Image: For Inspiration Only via Flickr

Kiosked image bank to monetize online content

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ In-content online ad platform provider Kiosked has launched a ‘free’ Image Bank that the company said can enable online publishers and creatives to earn on the acquisitive ‘impulses’ their content may engender.

According to the company, the free app can can be freely downloaded and creators get paid for their images. Apparently, the Kiosked Image Bank is free to use without infringing any copyrights, the company said. Continue reading

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New student content management system hatches

Student Using an Interactive Whiteboard
Hatch: new plans for student collaboration

TeachSmart 2.0 learning system helps teachers’ educational tech improve student learning

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ Teachers can now harnessing the full power of interactive whiteboard technology with a new TeachSmart 2.0 Learning System by Hatch.

According to the company, it is the only interactive whiteboard solution proven by research to improve maths and literacy in early education now enhanced with content management features that help teachers use educational technology more effectively. Continue reading

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NAB SHOW: TV content session tackles mainstream media miasma

NAB Show Floor

NAB Show in Las Vegas

Session to examine distribution of TV content across new platforms


ECM Plus +++ This year’s NAB Show is to take on the challenging issues of the day in mass media, with a new super session given over to what it calls the ‘Connected TV’, which is set to feature industry pundits opining on their take on a ‘new Internet’ and the video devices that are impacting the maisntream media’s television fate.

2011’s  NAB Show promises quite a paradigm shift for content creators with the debut of a the Super Session examining the new ways in which content is delivered to people and the ramifications such developments have on the mainstream media TV’s future.  Continue reading

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Mobtron touts mobile business website creator

Mobile phone evolution

Size isn't everything

Free site product for businness users for mobile advertising, marketing


ECMPlus – Mobile web development platform has just launched a new module which enables any enterprise to create their mobile site for free, together with free hosting and backups.

According to the firm, anyone willing will also be provided professional advice by experienced mobile sites developers – and free of charge.

Mobtron provides mobile website developers with detailed statistics, access to a range of monetization functions, from mobile advertising networks integration to SMS payments.

“Our goal is to make the mobile website development simple and accessible to all” commented Mobtron’s technical development manager Sarunas Davalga. “Users select the desired option, drops it into the site and at once may observe how the site has changed. Thousands of individual users have successfully used the platform already, but with our latest add-on Mobtron has become an excellent tool for companies and businesses.”

Mobtron can be used both by companies wishing to create a representative mobile site of their business and especially by media agencies looking for means to offer their customers unique and cost-effective online mobile advertising solutions.

According to the company, all sites created using Mobtron are optimized for search engines and adapted for various models of mobile devices – including the most modern smart phones. Sites can also be created or edited using mobile phone only.

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Joomla jumps up to 1.6 open source CMS

Joomla Day Brazil 2010

Image by Michelazzo via Flickr

Latest version of open source content management system unveiled


ECM Plus – Joomla, the open source CMS has just taken the wraps off Joomla 1.6 designed with enhanced site control and a more polished user interface.

Version 1.6 offers new tools include a more robust organisational structure for content control.

“With new features and capabilities such as the hierarchical design of the access control system, semantic XHTML layouts, one-click extension updates and multi-language functionality, Joomla 1.6 has evolved to become the most user-friendly and powerful tool yet to develop a web presence,” said Ryan Ozimek, president of Open Source Matters, a not-for-profit created to provide organization, legal, and financial support to the Joomla project. “This has been accomplished through the tireless feedback and work on 1.6 by the thousands of members of the Joomla community over the past year.”

Joomla said it had been downloaded over 22 million times.

Joimla 1.6 features a w Access Control System which enables site administrators to control who can view and manage content. It also claims to offer unlimited so-called ‘Depth Organizational Model’, which apparently gives site administrators and content creators user-defined category levels that enable the creation of a category tree with as many or as few levels for organising content and other media types as are required.

V1.6 also has ‘One-Click Extension Updates’, which enable users to keep sites secure and controlled by simplifying the process of updating extensions.

1.6 also features ‘Semantic XHTML Layouts’, which provide a baseline for content presentation, as well as offering multi-language functionality.

“The current Joomla Platform provides developers with the tools they need to rapidly build the Web of the future” commented Ron Severdia, a member of the Joomla production leadership team. “Although 1.6 is being released today, the Joomla production team is not resting on its laurels. We’re hard at work developing even more powerful Joomla features for the future, such as new search capabilities and new ways to leverage website content.”

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Wmode moves in on monetisation

Hey Funny Or Die, You're Blocking Your Own Content

Content: Picture: extraface

Multi-dimensional monetization affiliate commerce exchange to monetise and federate gateway for mobile value chain.


ECM Plus – Wmode’s new ACE platform builds on its existing billing and payments technologies for wireless carriers, the company said, by expanding the service offering to include mobile service providers, app providers, and content providers.

According to Wmode, organisations are able to connect together, enabling commerce between them and end-users, by providing a suite of app store functionality.

Some of the platform’s highlighted functions include: identity management, subscription management, payment processing and settlements, affiliate merchandising, analytics and reporting.

The ACE Identity Management features include federated IDs across multiple applications, a common user authentication platform, and a digital locker, Subscription Management incorporates service access control and end-user self-serve management, while Payments and Settlements focuses on settlements of transactions between multiple parties, flexible billing, eWallet, virtual currency, stored value services, and incorporating loyalty programs. The Affiliate Merchandising engine contains bundling, promotions, coupon codes, affiliate codes, dynamic business models, app discovery services, and many other techniques that enable users to find and sign up for suites of apps. Finally, Analytics and reporting includes tracking, data mining and transactional reporting of all services and applications.

Terry Hughes, head of market development at Wmode said: “Today’s app stores typically have a limited set of relationships between the store provider, the merchant and the end user; ACE enables multiple parties to connect together to integrate, bundle, price, deliver, collaborate and innovate, knowing that the complexities of payments, tracking, reporting, analytics and fulfillment are being taken care of. To deliver this, ACE leverages some of the ICT industry’s best-of-breed technologies including digital authentication, federated ID management, subscription services, advanced payment processing and settlement tools, and affiliate marketing systems.”

Wmode said ACE is targeted to help wireless carriers, app store providers, major brands, and service providers who want to monetize interconnected and complex mobile value chain.

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Adobe and Samsung breathe new life into smart TVs with AIR

Taken at the 2009 Consumer electronics show, L...

Image via Wikipedia

Samsung becomes first hardware manufacturer to integrate AIR 2.5 into TVs and Blu-ray players


ECM Plus – BREAKING NEWS – CES Show, 2011 Las Vegas, Nevada:  Samsung Electronics and Adobe are teaming up to embed Samsung’s Smart TV platform to be the first to integrate support for Adobe AIR 2.5 for TV.

According to the duo, developers will now be able to build, distribute and monetise standalone applications through Samsung’s Smart TV applications store, Samsung Apps.

The companies said they hoped that the integration of AIR for TV with Samsung’s Smart TV platform would create new opportunities for Adobe Flash Platform developers to use Adobe Creative Suite 5 to author content for AIR for TV.

All of Samsung’s 2011 Smart TVs and Smart Blu-ray players will include support for Adobe AIR for TV, the companies said.

“Content publishers want to extend their reach from smartphones to the largest screen in the home, all without sacrificing the unique context and experience of each screen” commented Shantanu Narayen, president and CEO of Adobe. “Samsung is the first device manufacturer to embrace Adobe AIR for TV, and together we will enable developers to extend media applications, social games and other forms of rich content to televisions and a wide range of Samsung devices.”

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Clarion call for Digital Content Monetisation Show

DCM Europe 2011 – 24-26 January 2011, Millennium Gloucester Hotel, London

ECM Plus – Receive a 10% discount when you register with promotional code ‘ECM’. Register online at, call +44 20 7067 1867 or email

Digital Content Monetisation is the only event in Europe to focus on key changes you can make to your digital value chain to contribute to solid digital ROI.

Join over 114 senior experts from across TV, gaming, music, film, broadcasting, publishing, and sports to uncover successful strategies.

You’ll meet key speakers from content owners and media services including:
TV4, ITV, Bauer, Turner, Channel 4, SKAI, BSkyB, Warner Bros, Universal Pictures, LoveFILM, FilmFlex, News International, le Figaro, The Telegraph Group, The Guardian, Konami, Electronic Arts, SEGA, SCEE, Blitz Games, Penguin, Pan MacMillan, Random House, Real Madrid, Euroleague Basketball, WTA, Rugby Football League, Facebook,, Youtube, Spotify, SeeSaw and We7.

We have recently done a series of interviews with DCM speakers. Get an insight into what they have to say on the issues affecting media and content owners in monetising their content:

Henning Lindblad, VP Digital Marketing, WTA – discussing expanding the global reach of a sports brand, plus the critical role of social media in monetisation

Cosmo Lush, VP Digital Business Development, EMI Music – speaking about what devices excite him right now, how paywalls will revolutionise the way we pay for content and how the music industry has responded to piracy.

Trevor Albery, VP EMEA, Anti-Piracy Operations, Warner Bros – explaining how commercial, legal and anti-piracy teams can work together to combat illegal file-sharing.

Keep checking back as we will be adding more speaker interviews over the next few weeks.

You can also get a flavour for our DCM events by viewing video footage from our DCM New York event which took place in October. You can view – for free – the best panel sessions from the first day of the conference. This is a great opportunity to get your hands on some of the stories and tactics under discussion.


Tel: +44 (0)207 067 1867

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PlaySpan partnes IP for content monetization

Image representing IP Commerce as depicted in ...

Image via CrunchBase

PlaySpan and IP Commerce touts payment method for digital content publishers


ECM Plus – IP Commerce is to join forces with PlaySpan, a Monetization-as-a-Service player in a new venture to deliver PlaySpan’s monetization solutions to both social and digital content developers via IP Commerce’s managed services platform.

According to IP, the partnership will also enable so-called ‘last-mile innovation’ for the $2.1 billion digital goods market for social and digital content developers to attract, convert and retain more customers by offering a large variety of secure and convenient in-app payment methods bundled within segment-specific Workflow.

Templates contain value-added services, modules and business rules enabled through IP’s managed services platform.

“The relationship with IP Commerce marks a significant merchant growth opportunity for PlaySpan’s Monetization-as-a-Service platform” commented Karl Mehta, CEO of PlaySpan. “Their established connectivity with leading acquirers and 360-degree platform approach allow us to immediately add valuable new distribution channels and fast-track strategic business agreements without technology lag times and associated costs.”

Alfred ‘Chip’ Kahn IV, CEO, IP Commerce added: “Our acquiring and processing partners are increasingly focused on targeted market segments because different software developers need different tools and Value-Add Services. PlaySpan’s pioneering approach and global reach into the digital goods segment, coupled with a growing demand for digital content monetization solutions, makes them the ideal partner to facilitate strong growth in this integrated payments market segment.”

PlaySpan said its monetization solutions is now used for more than 1,000 online games, social networks, and online videos. Their ‘Monetization-as-a-Service’ platform could also enables digital publishers and developers to generate new revenue streams and grow ARPU.

Its payments product, UltimatePay delivers over 85 global payment methods in 180 countries including credit cards, mobile payments and PlaySpan’s ULTIMATE GAME CARD, the multi-game pre-paid card available in over 50,000 retail locations across North America and a growing list of countries worldwide.

Image representing Karl Mehta as depicted in C...

Image by Karl Mehta PlaySpan via CrunchBase


“PlaySpan’s pioneering approach and global reach into the digital goods segment, coupled with a growing demand for digital content monetization solutions, makes them the ideal partner to facilitate strong growth in this integrated payments market segment” added PlaySpan’s Mehta.

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Avid goes native with Pro Tools

Digidesign Pro Tools HD system at NPS

Pro Tools breaks free to tap processor power

New addition to family harnesses faster CPUs to deliver HD native, host-based processing

ECM Plusby Paul Quigley – Avid has released Pro Tools HD Native, the latest addition to its audio content creation and post-production sute which now supports  demanding projects using computer CPU host-processing power.

According to Avid, the new Native version takes antage of advances the performance of computer CPU power, with this version coupling software features and compatibility with  Pro Tools HD systems with native audio drivers.

Pro Tools HD Native also features a new PCIe card and running Pro Tools HD software with open workflow for content creation. 

Native also supports SYNC HD synchronization to picture for post-production workflows, as well as for monitoring and control of systems with Avid ICON and C|24 work surfaces. Native also boats lossless session and project interchange with other Pro Tools and Avid video editing systems to facilitate collaboration.

Other new features include third-party DAW support, which opens up workflow by enabling users to work on their choice of workstation with support for Core Audio and ASIO, further enabling compatibility with third-party audio applications.

Pro Tools HD Native system will be available November starting at $3,495, while Pro Tools HD Native will also be available bundled with OMNI I/O starting at $5,995.

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Sony gambles on Vegas 10 in video NLE wars

Example of a television broadcast with closed ...

Vegas 10 enhances features with closed captioning

Vegas Pro 10 proffers 3D editing, plug-ins, workflow efficiency

ECM Plus -Sony Creative Software has released the lastest version of non-linear video content editing suite Vegas Pro 10.

According to Sony, Vegas Pro 10 includes native stereoscopic 3D editing tools, improved closed captioning features, and numerous workflow enhancements.

Also in V10 Pro are stereoscopic 3D Editing, creating 3D projects by enabling users to import, adjust, edit, preview and export stereoscopic 3D projects natively without any additional tools or plug-ins.

V19 also boasts improved Closed Captioning, with support for closed captions in the Video Preview window, support for Line 21 closed captions, HD SDI closed caption capture, multiple closed captioning file types and the ability to export captions for Sony DVD Architect, YouTube, RealPlayer, QuickTime and Windows Media Player.

Workflow tools in V10 Pro sees expanded Multicam functionality, extensive performance optimizations for DSLR video, and track grouping for advanced timeline management; new stabilization tools greatly reduce jittery or shaky video caused by handheld recording.

Pro 10 also supports a completely new video effects plug-in architecture based on the Open Effects Association standard – that enables third party plug-in developers to develop advanced video effect plug-ins more easily and rapidly.

In addition to the Dolby Digital Professional 5.1 surround sound production capabilities of Vegas Pro, V10 includes audio event FX, input busses, VU meters and track meters.

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Magnolia C-E content deal blooms

MIX: Gary Hamel's experiment in reinventing ma...

Image by opensourceway via Flickr

Companies partner for open source co-operation

ECM Plus – Open source content management vendor Magnolia and ad agency Campbell-Ewald have formed a strategic partnership offering open source content management to customers in the US.

“C-E is excited to extend our work with Magnolia to bring clients a nimble, innovative, integrated approach to content management” commented Matt Dertinger, vice president of user interface architect at C-E. “Magnolia CMS’s quality of code, extensibility, flexibility, openness, and ease of use, coupled with their exceptional customer support, commitment to frequent releases, and adherence to agile development, make them a game-changing collaborator.”

Felix Stern, CEO of Magnolia Americas added “We look forward to building on our partnership that started with the US Navy to deliver the value of open source to other clients.”

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Media firms float core competencies in the cloud

Image representing CoreMedia as depicted in Cr...

Image via CrunchBase

Internet Broadcasting and CoreMedia offer cloud-based web content management for media organisations

ECM Plus –  Web content management specialist CoreMedia has just inked a new deal with Internet Broadcasting to introduce CoreMedia’s CMS platform to the North American media market.

According to the deal, IB will now use CoreMedia’s WCM platform for newspaper, television, cable and radio companies by creating personalised, contextualized user experiences across multiple channels.

CoreMedia said that IB will use features such as multi-site management, dynamic content delivery, a customisable editorial interfaces with in-context editing, integrated Web analytics and external application integration.

Roger Keating, acting CEO of Internet Broadcasting commented:  “IB’s new publishing platform built around CoreMedia effectively future-proofs IB’s clients in this ever-changing world where content follows users and their friends from the Web to applications and devices.”

IB will install CoreMedia’s CMS platform in a cloud environment, where it will become the foundation for IB’s SaaS publishing platform, ibPublish. IB will build enhancements and extensions to the CoreMedia platform.

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Final Cut add-ons right on cue for newsrooms

Final Cut and Shake Boxes

Final Cut and Shake Boxes: Picture - camknows

DiaQuest cues up QueManager for Apple Final Cut Server 1.5 newsroom systems

ECM Plusby Paul Quigley – Diaquest has introduced QueManager, an add-on that provides a graphics order management system for Apple Final Cut Server 1.5 in newsroom applications.

According to DiaQuest, the new version offers access to tools for asset searches and browsing, as well as order requests, job assignment, review and approval, and publishing.

 QueManager also provides a web-based order system that can be integrated with iNews or ENPS newsroom computer systems via plug-ins.

DiaQuest said that asset searches and order requests are also done from the QueManager plug-in or via a web browser. The system can also be set up to operate on deadlines or a broadcast schedule, as well as being able to coordinate multiple stations within one system. It is also able to automatically deliver approved graphics. Assets can also be automatically transcoded and delivered to a variety of output devices.

QueManager also supports several broadcast CG systems, including Avid TitleDeko HD, Pixel Power, Chyron and others.

QueManager can be setup to import Artbox databases and assets for a transition. and provides for new workflow that use Final Cut Server, as well as integration with XSAN and other centralised storage systems.

It also supports image sequences, editorial applications, and a wide range of codecs.

DiaQuest said that QueManager with Final Cut Server can replace proprietary asset management systems. The system also provides cross-platform support, so it can manage any mix of desktop clients in the newsroom and creative areas.

“Final Cut Server offers digital asset management with workflow management for broadcast at an attractive price point for broadcasters” commented David Van Hoy, President of Diaquest. “Our new QueManager adds the OMS to make Final Cut Server an indispensible tool for newsroom graphics. QueManager simplifies searches and order requests, allows you to prioritize those requests, and then delivers approved assets to the CG for broadcast automatically.”

QueManager is available for $20,000, including installation, plus $5,000 for Avid iNews or ENPS integration.

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Extensis Portfolio Server 9.5 takes to the web

Digital Media Arts Lab

Digital media arts lab: Picture - laffy4k

Web-based digital media management software ups the ante

ECMPlus – Extensis has just released the latest version of its Portfolio Server 9.5, the latest version of its digital asset management software.

The new release includes features and improvements that streamline management of large collections of digital media, Extensis said.

“In almost every company there are people responsible for maintaining collections of images and documents that need to be accessed by others,” said Davin Kluttz, Senior Product Manager at Extensis. “It’s important that these files are easily available to others, including those unfamiliar with the collection. Otherwise, time and money is lost when these files cannot be located”.

Version 9.5 makes finding digital media extremely easy by providing a central place to locate and use files via the web or Mac and Windows desktop software. This release further improves efficiency with simplified setup options and new Web Client features for viewing and selecting files.

PS 9.5 features web-based administration for setting up users, catalogues and other settings remotely. The MediaRich media-processing engine from Equilibrium included with Portfolio Server has been updated along with support for additional file and metadata formats. New features also include augmented web client, flagged items, full screen and filmstrip previews.

Portfolio Server is built on Java J2EE, Adobe FLEX, JBoss and An optional SQL Connect module, coupled with Extensis’ database, provides scalability and integration. Portfolio Server 9.5 is available in English, French, German and Japanese. Solutions start at an estimated retail price of $6,416.

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Premium content sees BiBC launch VOD NetTV

4oD: Channel4's VOD on PC service

Premium content syndicated via VOD. Picture: Catfunt

BiBC launches premium content OTT TV service for Philips

ECMPlusby Paul Quigley – BiBC, British Internet Broadcasting Company, has launched Europe’s first premium content OTT TV service to be rolled-out using Philips specially-connected TVs.

According to the company, the premium content is available in selected countries across Europe.

BiBC said its new service offers quality, premium content from networks such as ITV, Hit Entertainment, the Cartoon Network and Boomerang via their connected TV sets. Other major brand channels will become available in the next few months the firm said.

BiBC’s premium content will be available via the Philips NetTV service, giving owners a new way to access content.

These will be available as paid for subscription channels with prices starting at £2.99 per month.

The entire process is being managed by BiBC – from content ingest to billing – enabling simplicity to be built into the user experience. All subscriptions, for instance, can be easily accessed and paid for via the BiBC app using the remote control, making it easier for the user to explore the world of OTT content.

Paul Hague, Director at BiBC said: ““We have seen video-on-demand services become extremely successful over the internet, such as with the iPlayer in the UK and TF1 in France. Now, as the new wave of connected TVs launch across Europe, consumers can turn to their traditional viewing device – the TV – to enjoy their favourite content on-demand.

“For a long time the industry has been trying to integrate the delivery of traditional TV channels seamlessly with internet content in a way that ensures quality, control and brand protection.”

BiBC added that it would through other leading manufacturers later this year.

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Apple app dev chink will make Android malfunction

The Android Emulator home screen.

Dead, or just pining for the fjords?

Apple ‘ground rules’ opening loosens stranglehold, dooms competition

ECMPlusby Paul Quigley – News that Big Stevie Jobs has decided to open the kimono on Apps for developers, albeit a limited exposure to a ‘virtual open source’ paradigm for software content and app development, is tantamount to a change in religion to the Cupertino control freakery extant until today.

The commercial upshot? Android is dead. Death by a thousand cuts, the apps will always play second fiddle to the Apple corps, and what’s more, people find iXXX sexier.

Much as when Windows apps flourished back in the day, post Windows 3.0/3.1 into Workgroup era, the floodgate for apps is about to open. Bye bye Android. Competition can be cruel.

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Bit of awe anchor for new Vizrt IPad app

Behold the iPad in All Its Glory

Look - no hands! Watch that media luvvy's cleavage dangling into the touchscreen and change captions

Norse Intro Viz Anchor App for the iPad

ECMPlus – by Paul Quigley +++ At IBC2010, taking place at RAI Amsterdam from September 9-13, Vizrt is to release the Viz Anchor App for the iPad.

The app runs natively on the iPad and enables control over newsroom playlists, including video and graphics directly from the handheld device.

And as if that isn’t enough to whet the appetites of old gadget farts, the gussets of media luvvies, then Viz Anchor App also integrates seamlessly with existing Vizrt workflows.

It can also do a subset of Vizrt’s control applications and makes that control available on the iPad.

Apparently, with Viz Anchor App, the presenter has an updated version of the playlist available locally and can control video clips and graphics scenes without a PC or queries to the control room. Awesome. No more gallery guffawing or pulling silly faces through the glass.

This results in a more dynamic presentation with a smooth and organic flow. Top notch or what.

The Anchor App also, features an intuitive interface that takes advantage of the iPad’s capabilities, such as support for high-res video and an intuitive, touch-based interface.

Through the device’s wireless connection, the Viz Anchor App can be updated whenever the playlist changes. Thus, the presenter always has all elements of the latest playlist at their fingertips.

Vizrt also offers real-time 3D graphics and asset management tools for the broadcast industry – from animations and maps to online publishing tools.

Now when will Windows get this kind of capability. Don’t hold yer breath.

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Swiss TV takes the Escenic route

Immeuble de la télévision suisse romande Quai ...

Swiss go for Vizrt in content conundrum

Radio Television Suisse opts for Escenic Content Engine as content management

ECM Plus – Radio Television Suisse has just chosen Vizrt’s Escenic Content Engine 5 as its sole content Management system.

Escenic Content Engine 5 is now being used by the Swiss to manage its expansive and growing media library, including over 2 million legacy assets residing on a Dalet media asset management system.

RTS has two main websites, and, to complement the programming on two of its broadcast stations: Television Suisse Romande (TSR) and Radio Suisse Romande (RSR). TSR and RSR both broadcast programming in French, which along with German, Italian and Romansch comprise the four official languages of Switzerland.

At and, visitors can find the latest news, live sport streams weather forecasts, and information about RTS’ TV and radio programming. Both sites offer streaming media on demand as well as interactive features, such as contests and discussion forums. Media content on the websites is streamed from a playout center hosted at the public broadcaster’s SWISSTXT facility.

Gilles Marchand, director of Radio Television Suisse commented: “As the digital revolution transforms broadcasting, RTS is committed to offering in-depth resources for our news, sports, entertainment, educational and cultural programming via our stations’ websites. In the near future, we plan to broaden the interactive capabilities of these websites to promote even more thriving online broadcast communities. We’re confident Vizrt’s Escenic Content Engine was a good solution for our needs now and in terms of our future growth.”

Escenic Content Engine 5 provides RTS with a user-friendly, high-capacity repository for all text, images, audio, video, and other digital assets. The content feeds a tapeless workflow for creating and publishing digital content on the sites. RTS’ Escenic upgrade, which replaced two legacy CMS systems, took over 18 month to complete, culminating in June of this year.

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Content management boosting productivity on air

studio shenanigans

Studio shenanigans - Picture: katiew

wTVision launches Studio CG content management playout system for studio programmes

ECM Plus – Studio CG is designed to produce general information on-air graphics to be used in newsrooms and information programs.

According to the company, Studio CG creates lowerthirds, over the shoulders, financial reports, lineups, group boards and many different daily information charts.

The on-air content management and play-out system enable operators to manage, edit and control on-air graphics in news, sports, financial and entertainment programs.

CG can customized graphics look and feel or use the pre-packaged range of fully-integrated ready-to-use graphics. Operator can also create new graphic templates and feed them manually or automatically from different external sources.

Core products News Studio CG, Financial Studio CG and Sports Studio CG can be enhanced by adding other content modules, such as weather reports, Channel Auto Promos, polls, scorebugs, clocks and timers, sports analysis tools, among many others.

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Sony goes cloud for Apple killer

A blackberry and apple crumble

Blackberry and Apple crumble

Qriocity platfrom to handle video content, music to follow

ECM Plus – BY PAUL QUIGLEY — Sony smacked Apple and Google full in the teeth today as it opened the kimono on its compelling new alternative to the behemoth incumbents.

Sony’s new network platform service Qriocity, formerly known as Sony Online Services (SOLS),   Qriocity is a network service platform that connects many of Sony’s network-enabled devices and allows consumers to enjoy high quality entertainment across multiple devices.

Via Qriocity, Sony will deliver a variety of digital entertainment content and services that are “powered by Qriocity”, including video, music, game applications, and e-books over time, and through these services, and in combination with its networked devices, Sony aims to bring new and exciting entertainment experiences to customers.

Today at the IFA 2010 show in Berlin, Sony announced that “Video On Demand powered by Qriocity™”, a premium streaming video service, will be available this fall in five European countries including France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the U.K. With “Video On Demand powered by Qriocity,” customers can choose from hundreds of box office hits from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, Lionsgate, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. (MGM), NBC Universal International Television Distribution, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, The Walt Disney Company, and Warner Bros. Digital Distribution, as well as popular content from top local studios. Many movies are available in High Definition (HD) as well as Standard Definition (SD), and all can be rented at the touch of a button on Sony’s 2010 models of network-enabled BRAVIA® TVs and Blu-ray Disc™ players, and Blu-ray Home Theater systems. “Video On Demand powered by Qriocity” has been available in the U.S. since April 2010.

Sony also announced plans to introduce “Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity™”, a new, cloud-based, digital music service. Available by year’s end, “Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity” will give music lovers access to millions of songs stored and synchronized through the cloud. “Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity” will initially be available across Sony’s 2010 models of network-enabled BRAVIA TVs, Blu-ray Disc players, Blu-ray Home Theater systems , as well as PlayStation®3 computer entertainment systems and VAIOs and other personal computers, and will become increasingly available on a range of Sony’s portable devices.

“Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity” brings together the features cited as most important by music enthusiasts. With access to a huge library of songs through the cloud, users can discover new music through channels personalized to their tastes on multiple devices and without the requirement to manage digital music files. The convenience resulting from this new consumer music experience will further enhance the value of music, thus creating new opportunities for the industry. Details of the service plan will be announced in the future.

“We are excited to offer our customers high quality, cloud-based entertainment experiences across many of Sony’s network-enabled devices,” said Kazuo Hirai, President of Networked Products & Services Group, Sony Corporation. “Services ‘powered by Qriocity’ will revolutionize the way that users play, listen, watch, share, communicate, learn, discover and create their digital entertainment content.

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FatWire reports 78% licence revenue growth

Customer wins, existing customer reinvestment and innovation drive success

 ECMPlus – FatWire has just revealed its first half of 2010 financial results, which sees the  company making strong revenue increases coupled with double-digit operating profitability for the first two quarters of 2010.

According to the company, the first half of 2010 saw its global license revenue grow by 78 percent from H1 2009, including multiple seven-figure deals. FatWire said that its first half success was due to ‘significant new customer wins’, including Administaff, Scotia Capital, Sephora, Total Oil, Universidad de Valencia, Vodafone Hutchinson Australia, and others, as well as reinvestments from existing customers such as Aena (Spanish Airport Authority), Aircell, Barclays, Bankwest, Grupo Santander, and NTT BJ (Japanese Yellow Pages), among others.

FatWire stated further strong product delivery in the first half of the year, offering innovative solutions for online customer engagement and interactive marketing.

First half 2010 product deliverables included:

  • Two new social computing products:
  • FatWire Gadget Server enables organizations to enhance customer loyalty and engagement via personalized gadget dashboards for site visitors, and is based on the OpenSocial / Google gadget standard. The product also offers gadget-based syndication of content to third-party sites to drive brand awareness and site traffic.
  • FatWire Community Server offers user-generated content (UGC) features with enterprise class moderation for FatWire sites and capabilities for UGC reuse. The product enables organizations to provide an interactive experience to site visitors and to manage social capabilities to business requirements.
  • The FatWire Web Experience Management (WEM) Framework is an open platform that enables easy integration of third-party applications into the FatWire suite. The WEM Framework offers standards-based interfaces to easily extend the FatWire WEM environment to support marketing and customer experience goals. FatWire also launched a new Technology Partner Program to help partners build applications, based on the WEM Framework, that integrate with the FatWire suite.
  • A new integration with Google Analytics helps organisations accelerate website optimization using this popular analytics package.

FatWire said it had seen rapid returns from its strategic partnership with EMC, announced earlier this year, meeting aggressive Q2 goals for joint product deliverables in web experience management and brand management, including:

  • The release of FatWire Content Integration Platform 2.0, offering automated web content retention and retrieval for FatWire sites in the Documentum system.
  • The FatWire Digital Asset Management Solution including the newest release of EMC Documentum® Media WorkSpace, EMC Documentum Digital Asset Manager, and EMC Documentum Content Transformation Services, enabling marketers to easily and effectively work with rich media in multi-channel marketing campaigns.

“We are seeing tremendous enthusiasm from both new and existing customers in partnering with FatWire, and we are thrilled by the results they are able to achieve working with our solutions,” said Yogesh Gupta, President and CEO of FatWire Software. “Through our rapid innovation and product delivery we continue to drive our business momentum and extend FatWire’s leadership in this market.”

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