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EFF amicus brief urges protection for news search engine

Image representing Associated Press as depicte...

Image via CrunchBase

AP argues for dangerously narrow view of ‘fair use’ in battle over news-tracking service

San Francisco – The Electronic Frontier Foundation has urged a federal judge today to protect fair use of news coverage and reject the Associated Press’ (AP’s) dangerously narrow view of what is “transformative” in a copyright court battle over a news-tracking service. Continue reading


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Alfresco unveils Records Management 2.0

Image representing Alfresco as depicted in Cru...

Open source Alfresco launches Records Management 2.0

Open source doyen Alfresco takes wraps off latest Records Management 2.0 for enterprise file capabilities

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus /London/ +++ Alfresco’s newest Records Management 2.0 is now available for serving enterprise organisations and government departments for management of governance and compliance processes.

According to the open source content software specialist, RM 2.0 boasts open source records management and retention tools. Continue reading

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NNDB gets corporate board content all mapped out

magnifying glass showing aberration

NNDB Mapper helps put connections under scrutiny

New update for content at NNDB corporate board mapping

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ Look out LinkedIn. NNDB has updated its free \NNDB Mapper search engine, the visual tool that explores the connections and linkages between people.

According to NNDB, the NNDB Mapper now navigates biographical data collected in NNDB now topping more than 32,000 individuals, with coverage linking the worlds of business, politics, science and culture. Continue reading

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Fourth amendment adds encryption protection for PDFs

Introducing Scroogle

WebSearch claims to be easier to use than other search engines. Image: Edgeworks Ltd.

New search and retrieval capabilities for encrypted PDF documents

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus
+++ New protection capabilities in the latest WebSearch v 4.0 component of DocuLex’s Archive Studio Content Management Suite can now search documents and retrieve content in real-time with password-protected PDF files. Continue reading

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Jahia hones sixth sense with latest UberCMS

Image representing Jahia as depicted in CrunchBase

Jahia now boasts myriad new features

V 6.5 enterprise content management system is first zero-coding user experience composition, bridging web, portal, social, search, mobile, and content management, with a single composite platform


ECM Plus +++ Jahia, provider of open source CMS has just taken the wraps off Version 6.5, in what it claims is ‘the first open source, zero-coding, next-generation CMS’, boasting a raft of new features with enterprise capabilities.

V6.5 now bridges web, portal, social, search, mobile user experience, and content management, with a single composite platform. Continue reading

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Digital asset firesale as Autonomy mops up at Iron Mountain

Autonomy CEO Mike Lynch

Autonomy’s moves into the cloud platform to expand to 25 petabytes of customer data under management


ECM Plus +++ Autonomy has just acquired selected key assets of Iron Mountain’s digital division including archiving, eDiscovery and online backup.

In a digital asset firesale that observers see as a stratgic move into the cloud for Autonomy, this means access to Autonomy’s technology for information governance in secure, private clouds in data centres. Continue reading

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Search engine behemoth lambasted in new book


Search and destroy. Image: andercismo

New book alleges that search behemoth has become a serial violator of privacy and property rights

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ ‘SEARCH & DESTROY: Why You Can’t Trust Google Inc.’ is the first book to critically examine Google’s business practices, mission, and unprecedented power over information access and the digital economy.  Continue reading

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Mozilla Firefox sallies fourth into browser hegemony

Firefox: Insurgent burning down the established order

Firefox insurgency burning down the ancien regime

Open source web browswer Firefox 4 eclipses Internet Explorer 9 – StatCounter


ECM Plus +++ Insurgent Internet web browser player Mozilla Firefox has just launched Version 4 of its popular web software, and according to independent webstat bellwether StatCounter, has already nabbed 1.95 percent of the worldwide Internet browser user base.

StatCounter reports that on the first day of Firefox 4’s official release yesterday, it scored higher globally than even the new Internet Explorer Version 9 which was launched over a week ago. Continue reading

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Information Commissioner: Street View breaches data protection laws

Christopher Graham, the UK Information Commiss...

Commissioner Graham finds Street View broke law

Government watchtdog finds search engine giant of unlawful Street snooping in private data dredge

ECM Plus – The UK Government Information Commissioner has found search engine behemoth Google will be subject to audit and must sign an undertaking not to breach data protection laws again.

The Information Commissioner further stated that if the search engine company were to undertake such an unlawful data breach in the UK again, they would ‘face enforcement action’ the ICO said in a statement.

Commissioner Christopher Graham said: “…there was a significant breach of the Data Protection Act when Google Street View cars collected payload data as part of their wi-fi mapping exercise in the UK.”

Commissioner Graham has instructed Google to sign an undertaking in which the company commits to take action to ensure that breaches of this kind cannot happen again.

Furthermore, in light of the breach of data protection, an audit of Google UK’s Data Protection practices will also be undertaken.

However, the Information Commissioner rejected calls for a financial penalty to be imposed on the search engine giant, but said that it was ‘well placed to take further regulatory action if the undertaking is not fully complied with.’

According to the ICO statement, iInternational data protection authorities that undertook in-depth investigations into Google’s activities found fragments of personal data, including emails, complete URLs – and passwords.

ICO said that following the admission by Google that personal data had indeed been collected, and the fact that Google used the same technology in the UK, the Commissioner decided that formal action was necessary.

Commissioner Graham is also requiring Google to delete the payload data collected in the UK as soon as it is legally cleared to do so.

Information Commissioner, Christopher Graham, added: “It is my view that the collection of this information was not fair or lawful and constitutes a significant breach of the first principle of the Data Protection Act.”

Said Graham: “The most appropriate and proportionate regulatory action in these circumstances is to get written legal assurance from Google that this will not happen again – and to follow this up with an ICO audit.”

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Ingres launches Database 10 open source RDBMS

Ingres Logo

Ingres launches Database 10

Recent M&A activity in database arena drives customers to migrate, company claims

ECM Plus – Ingres has launched Database 10, the latest version of its open source database product.

Ingres has updated features, enabling customers to ‘easily and more transparently migrate to the Ingres Database from proprietary databases by Big Software companies such as Oracle, Microsoft and Sybase’, the company said.

Database 10 now supports multi-versioning, column encryption, partitioning and faster bulk loading.

“Over the past year, we’ve seen a great deal of merger and acquisition activity in the database space, resulting in customer concerns about the fate of the impacted database technologies,” said Roger Burkhardt, CEO at Ingres. “Ingres Database 9.3 showed our commitment to delivering an easy migration path to a more reliable and stable product. Ingres Database 10 delivers new features that continue to make it even easier to migrate away from over-priced and unstable platforms.”

According to Ingres, Database 10 provides features to facilitate migration from proprietary or other databases. Multi-version concurrency control (MVCC), which provides concurrent access to the database, or a “snapshot” for each user to work with so they are never locked out, vastly improves performance in multi-user situations and increases productivity.

New SQL types, functions and compatibility features significantly improved routines within the database engine enable users of Ingres 10 to get more done more quickly.

A community-based migration toolkit developed earlier this year and hosted on Sourceforce also aids in migration to Ingres from Oracle’s enterprise and MySQL databases.

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Fordela gives a DAM about video content management

Video Icon2

The true object of all human life is play - G.K.Chesterton

Fordela Enterprise Video Management Platform 3.2 Released

ECM Plus – Enterprise video management company Fordela has just released Version 3.2 of its cloud-based enterprise video management product, EVM 3.2.

According to the company, this new release is spearheaded by Fordela’s secure Virtual Screening Rooms (VSR’s). These highly-customisable and secure environments enable clients to quickly create, customise and distribute high-quality secure video screening rooms to their employees, partners and customers.

Fordela said that each VSR can be individually customised with client branding, player skins, metadata and attached documents. In addition, Content managers can preview and generate embedded Lightbox players with a look and feel that fits the specific design attributes of their clients and partners. All VSR’s are enabled with single user sign-on security, built-in analytics and annotation functionality for collaboration.

Fordela’s EVM 3.2’s dashboard enables content managers to see at a glance the total number of assets, storage and monthly bandwidth used – improving transparency and reporting. Additional upgrades include: Media RSS (MRSS) feeds for syndicating multimedia files; improved Social Network site embeds; improved custom ingest profile transcoding and version control; and importable and exportable custom metadata fields.

The Fordela EVM 3.2 further enhances the high-powered, highly-scalable cloud-based Fordela platform enabling organisations to safely and securely upload, manage, edit, transcode and distribute video, audio and image content globally.

The EVM platform is offered as a service and is also available as a white-label solution to partners.

Fordela was founded by video content professionals to solve real world everyday workflow problems arising around the management of digital assets. The company’s delivers the best of enterprise class digital asset management, as a service, from the cloud.

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Exalead and Objective marry document management with cloud for semantic search


Objective opinion: semantic search does it for DM

Enterprise search becomes object of desire for Exalead

ECM Plus – Objective Corporation has just inked a new strategic partnership with Exalead for full-text and enterprise search technology.

Exalead, a division of Dassault Systemes, is a global leader of information access solutions and search-based applications for the enterprise.

Tony Walls, CEO at Objective Corporation said: “Our customers’ document volumes continue to grow exponentially. By 2020, we anticipate our largest customers will have in excess of one billion documents in their Objective repositories and potentially more than 10 million documents re-indexed every day.

“To support this growth, we needed a search partner that could ensure performance and scalability into the future. Exalead’s technical vision and shared philosophy for delivering beneficial customer outcomes made them our preferred partner.”

Exalead CloudView uses semantic technologies to bring structure, meaning and accessibility to previously unused or under-used data in the new hybrid enterprise and web information cloud.

Walls added: “As our portfolio of public sector solutions expand, search technology plays a vital role in many contexts. This includes leveraging the rich search indexes constructed by Exalead to reduce the cost and complexity of systems integration, helping to realize Objective’s broader connected government vision.”

Exalead’s CloudView will be a core technology in the integrated enterprise / software-as-a-service platform that underpins Objective’s portfolio of public sector solutions and will be included in the solutions from Q4 2010.

“For our customers, the benefits from this partnership are substantial. Increasingly, our customers are focused on leveraging the value of their growing document repositories” Walls added. “The capability and flexibility of CloudView will be delivered to our customer’s in the form of new simple, fast and engaging user experiences.”

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Long search ends for DocStor

Originally, the goddess Isis was portrayed as ...

Isis, sister and husband of Osiris, mother of Horus: a hard act to follow

DocStor selects ISYS Embedded Search for eStor document management integration

By Paul Quigley

ECM Plus – ISYS Search Software has just formed a new OEM partnership with document management firm DocStor that will see DocStor using the ISYS Integration Kit to embed enterprise search functionality to access required information, irrespective of location or format.

DocStor’s eStor product has a range of document management solutions for organisations to help cut storage costs, as well as move towards the renowned ‘paperless office’ utopia.

The company said that the addition of ISYS helps find and locate stored information quickly and enabled enterprise-class federated search, text-mining and embedded search capabilities across a broad range of formats, languages and platforms.

Barry Minty of DocStor said: “The ISYS technology was incredibly straightforward to implement and adds significant value to our customers. We are already progressing a number of other deals involving ISYS, and we feel this will be the start of a successful partnership.”

Nicky Doherty, VP EMEA at ISYS Search Software added “Once information has been uploaded and stored, the challenge is enabling enterprise-wide information access. Searching for and locating the required content, whatever and wherever it is, becomes vital to ensuring productivity and efficiency levels remain high. This is the part of the jigsaw that we can work closely with DocStor to accomplish for existing clients like the RMP and others in the future.”

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Enterprise Semantic knowledge suite launched by Transinsight

New, Improved *Semantic* Web!

Semantic Web - by dullhunk

Search intelligence breaks new ground for organisations

ECMPlusby Paul Quigley — Transinsight has released the latest version of Enterprise Semantic Intelligence solution.

According to the company Transinsight’s Enterprise Semantic Intelligence Knowledge Suite offers semantic technologies that take the search process to new levels of efficiency.

  • “Over the last year we developed a new and highly scalable system comprising the latest algorithms. We made significant investments to be able to provide our clients with true innovations in the area of enterprise wide large scale information handling,” said Dr. Michael R. Alvers, CEO of Transinsight.

The new version of Enterprise Semantic Intelligence Knowledge Suite contains about 100 custom relevant improvements. The system can now deal with more than 100 million documents and vast background knowledge bases for several million concepts. An improved semi-automated knowledgebase generation is now available to customers that do not have their own ontologies or taxonomies available as background knowledge. Novel algorithms allow untrained users to develop ontologies in practically no time. Users are supported in the generation of terms, definitions, abbreviations, synonyms and relationships to other terms. The algorithms are thoroughly validated against manually developed ontologies and
achieve an agreement of 82% (fully automated.

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Welcome to ECM Plus

Enterprise content management, document management, knowledge management, digital asset management, compliance, governance, rich media management, web content management, it’s all here..

ECM Plus

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